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The divorce process is tough. Not only is it emotionally difficult and physically draining, but the actual legal process itself is simply unchartered territory for most of us. When my spouse served me with a separation papers & and out of this world financial proposal — I nearly had a heart attack. I was just plain shocked and totally unprepared for the ridiculous and unjustified financial demands that she wanted. I was an emotional wreck, but in a panic, I called my CPA advisor and asked for help. I’ve known my CPA for over 5 years having found him thru the Dave Ramsey website. When I asked him to recommend a divorce attorney, he gave me one name, Jeff Marshal. I’m not going to attempt to list all the reasons you should call Jeff, but I can attest that you will not be sorry you called. The divorce process has significant and lasting implications on everything important in your life after divorce. Make sure you that you have Jeff by your side when these decisions are being made, I am certain that you will be glad you did.

– Rob from Avvo

I highly recommend Jeff. Him and his staff are awesome!

I found myself in a position of impending separation/divorce. My situation involved marital misconduct in another country(a very difficult to prove situation), did my due diligence; read reviews and went to visit 5 different attorneys. I chose Jeff because he gave me a very knowledgeable and more importantly gave me a honest and accurate assessment of my situation(He didn’t say what I wanted to hear he said what I NEEDED to hear). His advice and preparation right from the beginning was what made the big difference. He made a plan and stuck with that plan throughout the process and at the same time paid special attention to my interests and protected me. At times I would lose sight, (divorce is emotional and complicated), but Jeff and his staff always balanced me out and were patient in helping me understand the process. In the end we went to mediation and all the advice and preparation is what made the big difference. My case outcome was much better than the original offer I made to my ex spouse(before I had a lawyer) and giving credit where credit is due; Jeff’s knowledge to execution is what made the difference. I must add Jeff made me look past my anger and really had the best interests of me and my children in mind; which in the end that is what really matters. When it ultimately comes down to it separation/divorce is difficult in the moment; but the outcome is forever. I am happy with my outcome and Thank Jeff with his knowledge, planning and execution. I really feel like I got my money’s worth and am happy with my outcome. I highly recommend Jeff and his assistant JP. Thank You

– Client review posted on Avvo

Great Job!

MR Marshall prepared my Premarital Agreement for me. I am extremely pleased with the results. He provided excatly what I asked and more. I would highly recommend Mr. Marshall to anyone needing his services.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Great attorney!

I recently used Jeff Marshall to settle my drawn-out and contentious divorce and custody cases, and found him to be extremely helpful. He took his time to get to know me and my situation, helped me make decisions moving forward, gave me great advice on things that I could do that would limit the time he needed to spend on the case (thus dropping my bill), and represented me quite well during my custody hearing. Having Jeff as my attorney was, in my opinion, critical to positive outcome I received from the custody hearing.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Extremely Knowledgeable and Trustworthy

I retained Mr. Marshall to assist me when I was going through my own divorce. I had known Mr. Marshall previously as we had opposed each other on several cases in the past. When I was faced with personal separation and divorce issues, Mr. Marshall was my first choice with out hesitation. Mr. Marshall is one of the most knowledgeable and well-respected attorneys in North Carolina. He is also undoubtedly one of the most genuine and companionate individuals I have ever met. When I went through my own separation, I felt rest assured that Mr. Marshall would deliver excellent results and he actually exceeded my expectations. I was fortunate to have Mr. Marshall on my side and I will be forever indebted to Mr. Marshall for his superior skills as an attorney.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Great lawyer!

Jeff Marshall has been a great attorney during a difficult life event. He always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner and was great at making me understand the process from start to finish.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Thanks Jeff

Realizing that you have to go through Separation/Divorce sucks. Before getting an attorney, all the emotional and legal confusion were overwhelming. Jeff Marshall and his staff helped me to navigate a very difficult time in my life. He provided very good legal and personal advice that put me in not only excellent legal position, but also helped to get my life back on track. Jeff understood that I was unfamiliar with the process and made sure I understood the different sides of the decisions through each step of the process – and was always responsive to my questions. He’s the guy you want on your team.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Invaluable Advice

Jeff has always been my go to attorney when it comes to family law. He is unbiased and fair and has a great interpretation of the law. Divorce is not a fun process and sometimes following advice of someone other than yourself is hard to do. Looking back Jeff was spot on. His advice has saved me thousands of dollars!

– Client review posted on Avvo

The very best family law attorney in Raleigh

Jeff is the rare combination of attorney that is extremely knowledgable and skilled but also possesses the ability to relate to people, clients, opposing attorneys and judges. He will guide you through the entire process and takes the time to explain all your options. He is very responsive to phone calls and emails, is more organized than anyone I know and I felt like he knew more about my case than I did sometimes. I have been in the legal profession for over 15 years and worked with dozens upon dozens of attorneys – when I needed an attorney for my custody case I wanted the very best., I chose Jeff and have not regretted my decision for one second.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Very Satisfied Customer

Jeff and his team helped me with my seperation and divorce. I was very happy with my settlement and the way they were able to just focus on the buisness at hand which was to protect my interests. Most of this process was conducted while I was living in another state, but Jeff and his team kept me informed throughout the process. I would recommend him without reservation.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Thank you Jeffery!

I will forever be in dept to Mr. Marshall! He was always on top of my case. He made sure to keep me informed at all times of what was happening with my case. He also really helped me feel comfortable during trial & during my testimony. Mr. Marshall knows the law & he fought very hard to win my case for our family. Marshall & Taylor will have my business from here on out.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Marshall is a superb attorney. He understands the law better than anyone else with whom I consulted. He is very prompt in responding to email and voicemail. He kept me from making several major mistakes that my previous attorney had nearly made and would have cost me big. Mr. Marshall is more expensive than others, but he is also more efficient so it may not make a difference in the long run.

– Client review posted on Avvo

I recommend Jeffrey Marshall.

Jeff Marshall has been my attorney for more than 4 years. Jeff is knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions, quick to return phone calls or emails and has always represented me with professionalism and sensitivity. Family law deals with very personal issues and Jeff is exceptional at putting me at ease and making me feel prepared and well represented. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who requires representation for divorce, child custody matters or any other aspect of family law.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Provides strong devotion to clients

When I hired Jeff for my high conflict custody case, he gave me a peace of mind. I felt like he was the only ONE involved in the case who genuinely cared about the best interest of my children. Throughout the process, Jeff kept me very informed and made sure I was aware of all the steps. His knowledge, professionalism, and guidance proved to be an asset in every situation. As I client, I felt my case was always a top priority. The compassion his entire team showed was superior also. I would definitely use Jeff for another legal matter and have already recommended him to friends.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Master practitioner in the field of family law

Jeffrey is a consummate professional and and a master practioner in the field of family law. He guided me through a very difficult case that concluded as favorably as possible.

– Client review posted on Avvo

Needed Help with Divorce and Custody

Jeff Marshall provided solid advice and followed through on services promised. I would highly recommend Jeff to others seeking a divorce or custody attorney
Family Law

– Client review posted on Avvo

Jeff is very straight forward and honest.

He has worked with me a great deal and understands the relationship I have with my children. He believes in doing what is right and in best interest of children. I trust him with any and all legal decisions I have had to make. Jeff is truly one of the best around. I highly recommend him to anyone that has to deal with high conflict situations.

– Client review posted on Avvo

I would recommend anyone in need of a divorce attorney to contact Jeff Marshall. Going through a divorce is tough enough, and Jeff’s extensive knowlege of Family Law paired with true professionalism helped me get through divorce with dignity.


Working with Jeff Marshall and his team gives me the comfort that he is on top of his game. His approach to my situation seemed to be unbiased and fair for all those involved. The communication with those involved in my case was prompt. My overall experience and satisfaction so far has been positive and I would definitely recommend Marshall & Taylor.


After interviewing multiple attorneys to represent me in my divorce case, I selected Marshall & Taylor. Other attorneys I interviewed treated me in a condescending manner, wouldn’t spend time with me, or were giving me incorrect legal advice. Jeff Marshall (of Marshall & Taylor) was a cut above all of them. Jeff was patient, controlled, respectful, organized, efficient, offered correct legal advice, and had a strategy for representing me. He continually counseled me in the things “not to do,” which in the end saved money because it kept me out of court and resolved our settlement in mediation. He kept his cool during mediation and couseled me not to “slam” them back in counter-proposals, but rather to be reasoned in my response. In the end, we achieved a highly favorable outcome from our mediation. From what I have heard, all of the partners at Marshall & Taylor are equally competent. Their hourly rate may be higher than others, but you make it back with their efficiency. In my case, Jeff billed me up front for his services and after the case was concluded did not continue to bill me for one-off questions and “tidy-up” issues related to the final resolution. Jeff also “professionally” received my comments as to how he could have improved his service at key moments during our mediation. Few attorneys can receive professional feedback and not take it personally. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Marshall & Taylor and would use them again. Their reputation in the area is that they are among the best. If you are looking to be treated respectfully and represented competently, Marshall & Taylor is an excellent choice.


He is a very great professional business man and handles thing wonderful would recommend him highly to anyone.


I have been utilizing the services of Jeff Marshall in my pending divorce. I felt that I have been treated with the utmost respect, his knowledge and thought process with regards to my separation and divorce have been thorough and extremely helpful. Although I retained Jeff’s services to complete the legalities of my divorce, he has been an invaluable resource of information for issues that have come up during my separation, and has been my advocate during a difficult period of time. His knowledge of the divorce process and of ‘thinking outside the box’ are impressive. I would (and hopefully do not ever have to) use his services again…I highly recommend him.

Jennifer – “5 stars on Google-Local”

Jeff Marshall did a great job working on my case. He always took the time to talk with me or at least email me back in a timely manner.I will use him again if ever needed.

Holly – “5 stars on Google-Local”

I recommend Jeff Marshall highly. He combines deep insight and passion with a thorough knowledge of family law. Jeff demonstrates a keen interest in every client’s case he is handling. I would always receive timely updates on my case from him, wise advise and friendly support. He is very loyal and honest person and highly professional lawyer who is doing his very best to help you out to win the case and reach the most desirable resolution.

Kelly – “5 stars on Google-Local”

At very short notice I hired Jeff Marshall to represent me and he provided an exceptional service with a great result. He drafted a very fair separation agreement, dealt with the divorce and later helped me get custody of my kids. Hopefully I will never be in this situation again but if I was I would definitely hire Jeff.

Gary – “5 stars on Google-Local”

Jeff Marshall took over my case after I had come to dismiss another firm. The difference in what can only be termed ‘customer service’ & personal attention I recieved was incredible. What had dragged on for months at another firm was settled quickly & efficiently by the staff at Marshall & Taylor. Calls & emails were promplty returned, a detailed statment was provided monthly. I was kept in the loop of each & every development in my case. I highly recommend this firm. At a time when so much is out of order, their attention to detail & knowledge of the law & the process reduced some of the angst associated with this time of upheaval.

Ann – “5 stars on Google-Local”