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Wilmington Property Division

Wilmington, North Carolina law sees marriage as a partnership where each spouse contributes equally, and has equal share to all property acquired in the course of the marriage. If you are engaged in a separation and will be filing for a divorce soon, then you need to find a reputable attorney like Jeff Marshall and Travis Taylor at Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys. They can help you get what is yours without excessive emotional distress. If you have not filed a separation agreement, then you should file an equitable distribution of property agreement. This agreement must be filed before entry of absolute divorce, otherwise the right to file is lost.

When you are dividing property in Wilmington, you must first determine whether the property is marital, separate, or a combination of both. The property should then be given a specific value. That value, along with several other factors will be used to equitably distribute the property. Marshall and Taylor can help you through the entire process of property division to ensure that your best interests are protected.

If you have further questions regarding equitable distribution of property in Wilmington, or if you are ready to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys below.