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Wilmington Mediation And Arbitration

Divorce mediation & arbitration in Wilmington are often great alternatives to traditional divorce litigation. The legal proceedings and communication during a divorce can become exceedingly tedious. We’re here to tell you more about divorce mediation & arbitration as alternatives to the traditional proceedings. Each of these alternatives can often offer a more time effective, cost effective and less stressful option for your divorce.

Wilmington Divorce Mediation works to create a communication forum where each party can confidently and comfortably communicate their needs and interests during a divorce. The communication that takes place during a divorce mediation cannot be used in court against either party. During the mediation a third party divorce mediator uses their expertise to help the conversation and to assist in each side reaching an amicable end agreement. For couples open to divorce mediation in Wilmington, our services can help to save you time, money and stress during this difficult time.

Divorce Arbitration in Wilmington is another option that you can explore for you divorce. Unlike mediation, the arbitrator during the divorce arbitration can make legally binding decisions. The arbitrator is a neutral third party that both of you will present your case to. The decision that the arbitrator makes is called an Award and can be filed at the county courthouse. Scheduling a divorce arbitration is often much easier and more stable than divorce litigation. The arbitration process is also often more time and cost effective than traditional litigation.

If you are in Wilmington, NC and you are considering alternatives to the traditional divorce litigation contact us today. We can schedule a confidential consultation where we can learn more about your unique situation and walk you through all of the options that are open to you for your divorce.