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Wilmington Child Custody & Child Support

If you live in Wilmington, NC and you are going through a divorce or separation with a child involved you are going to have many questions. Child custody is often of primary concern during a divorce. The courts use many factors to determine the custody of the child based on the environment that each parent provides, what the child is most comfortable with, special needs of the child or children and the flexibility and schedule or each parent. There are many different forms of legal custody in Wilmington including full custody, joint custody, primary physical custody, secondary physical custody and visitation rights.

Child support in Wilmington is initiated via a request/complaint. Once the civil action is filed the courts will decide what child support is appropriate based on your unique situation, the wages of each parent, other children involved, the cost of daycare, health care expenses, etc. If you have to pay child support, its advisable to always pay in a way that can be traced to prove you are up to date. Parties in Wilmington who willingly neglect to pay child support can be charged with a misdemeanor. Child Support and Child Custody in Wilmington can be complicated. Talk to us to learn more about how our expertise can best represent you and your family’s needs during this trying time.