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Wake Forest Medation & Arbitration

Every divorce situation is unique. We understand that a traditional divorce litigation is not going to be the right option for every divorcing couple. If you live in Wake Forest and are going through a divorce – we want you to know that there are other options out there for you. We’re here to help you make sense of your options and your rights to create the best possible situation for your divorce. Often our Wake Forest divorce clients are interested in mediation and arbitration to settle their divorce.

One of the biggest complaints with a divorce litigation is the scheduling problems that people often encounter. It is common for you to get bumped or rescheduled. Divorce is unpleasant and chances are that you would like to get through it as soon as possible. Wake Forest divorce arbitration is great because you get to choose the date and time for your arbitration and the chances are low of rescheduling – this way you have more control over your divorce. At an arbitration each side will present facts to a neutral third party that has the power to make legally binding decisions. This decision is called an Award and can be filed at the Wake County Courthouse to finalize your divorce proceedings.

Wake Forest Divorce Mediation can also be a time & cost effective alternative to divorce litigation, but unlike arbitration divorce mediators cannot make legally binding decisions. What they can do is use their mediation expertise to create an open communication forum where each partner can come forward and confidently discuss their case and interests. The open communication that takes place in a divorce mediation cannot be used in court to help or hurt either side. Generally, a Wake Forest divorce mediation can help to create an open forum for spouses to reach an amicable divorce agreement.

Whether you are looking into arbitration or mediation for your divorce, we’re here to guide you through your options. Divorce can be tedious and painful and you have a right to know what all of your options are. Please contact us today to learn more about our mediation & arbitration services and to schedule a confidential consultation.