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Wake Forest Child Custody & Child Support

Going through a divorce or separation can be difficult enough – but if you have a child or children, chances are you are going to have even more questions and concerns. In Wake Forest, NC, child custody is determined by the court after examining many factors. These relate to the environment that each parent can provide, the preference of the child, whether or not the child has any special needs, the schedule and flexibility of the parents and other factors. In Wake Forest there are several different kids of child custody: primary physical custody, secondary physical custody, joint custody, full custody & visitation rights.

Child support in Wake Forest also follows specific criteria that take into consideration each party’s wages, the cost for daycare and health insurance and any other expenses or circumstances. Understanding the terminology and your rights can be confusing. We’re here to represent you and your family’s best interests during what can be a difficult time. If you are in Wake Forest and want to know more about child support or child custody, contact us for a confidential consultation.