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Wake Forest Alimony & Support

If you are living in Wake Forest, NC and are in the midst of a divorce or separation chances are you have questions about spousal support or alimony. Wake Forest, as with the rest of Wake County, North Carolina generally separates their support into two main areas. The first is temporary spousal support and it occurs post separation but usually expires once the divorce is final. The second is called Alimony is generally a more permanent arrangement between both parties. You can apply for Alimony if you meet the criteria necessary once your divorce is final.

Paying Alimony or Spousal Support is usually flexible depending on the agreement that both parties come to. Usually the support or alimony is paid monthly or in a lump sum fashion. If you’re living in Wake Forest and you are going through a divorce or separation and have questions about alimony or support – please contact us. We’ll answer any of your questions and represent your best interests. We’re here to help you.