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Wake County Separation Lawyer

The state of North Carolina has complex and often confusing family laws. If you are facing a divorce or separation, you will need qualified legal assistance throughout this process. Wake County divorce lawyers Marshall & Taylor PLLC, are ready to help you protect your rights as you settle the many issues that can arise during a divorce.

We are committed to providing each client with the insightful advice they need. We understand that you are going through a difficult time, and will do what we can to minimize your stress and frustration. Call our offices at (919) 833-1040 to learn about the important legal services we offer.

Separation, or Divorce from Bed and Board

One way to obtain a Wake County separation is to simply move into a separate residence from your spouse. At the end of one year, if you do not intend to move back, you will be considered legally separated. You may want to secure this arrangement by signing a Separation Agreement with your spouse. This can be informally written and then notarized.

Another option is to file for a divorce from bed and board, which is a kind of fault-based separation. Its grounds can include drug abuse, abandonment, cruel treatment, and adultery. A Wake County separation lawyer can help you understand this arrangement’s pros and cons.

Absolute Divorce

The only way to completely end a marriage contract is to file for absolute divorce. To qualify, you or your spouse must be a resident of North Carolina for at least six months, and the two of you must be separated for at least one year. You may be able to waive the latter requirement if you can show that your spouse is legally insane, but this is rarely attempted.

If a judge grants your absolute divorce, you and your former spouse will have no further legal connections to one another. Issues such as child support or alimony must be settled separately, either through mediation or a trial. To learn more, contact a Wake County absolute divorce attorney.

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Wake County separation lawyer Marshall & Taylor PLLC, are ready to assist you. Contact our offices at (919) 833-1040.