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Raleigh Temporary Spousal Support Attorneys

One financial complication dependent spouses can face is related to the period of separation usually required before a divorce. They are not eligible for alimony until the divorce, but may not be able to support themselves until that time. In these cases, the spouse earning the highest salary may be ordered to pay temporary spousal support to bridge the gap between separation and an absolute divorce.

While couples can make arrangements for this support on their own, it is not always easy to agree on the amount or type of payment that should be made. If you are struggling to reach a fair arrangement with your spouse, Raleigh temporary spousal support lawyers Marshall & Taylor PLLC can help. Call our offices today at (919) 833-1040.

Determining Temporary Spousal Support

The process for developing and enforcing a Raleigh temporary spousal support plan is very similar to that of determining alimony. A separating couple can make a private arrangement between themselves, hire a professional mediator, or submit a claim to a divorce court. If you choose the last option, a judge will review your circumstances and issue a decision.

Temporary spousal support can be paid in a lump sum, in regular payments, or through the transfer of property titles. Ideally, it should be based on the relative needs and income of each spouse, including considerations about earning capacity and who the couple’s children will live with. As you can imagine, the various factors involved can become very complex.

Unfortunately, discussions about spousal support are often difficult and can become very heated. The assistance of a Raleigh temporary spousal support attorney is sometimes needed to help the process run smoothly and lead to an equitable decision. A qualified attorney can assist you whether you are making private arrangements, using a mediator, or going to court.

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