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Raleigh Criminal Conversation Lawyers

North Carolina is one of few states that still allow people to file lawsuits against their spouses or third parties for certain kinds of poor conduct during marriage. These cases are also known as “heart balm” torts, because they are intended to help ease the wounded parties’ suffering. Heart balm torts are divided into two basic legal categories: alienation of affection and criminal conversation.

These civil cases are often complicated, deeply personal, and difficult for everyone involved. If you are interested in filing a tort against a spouse or third party, or if you need defense from such allegations, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Raleigh criminal conversation attorneys Marshall & Taylor PLLC, have the experience and knowledge needed to help you.

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What is Criminal Conversation?

Despite the name, criminal conversation is not really a criminal offense. It is a kind of civil action that you can bring against a person who engaged in sexual intercourse with your spouse during the course of your marriage. It is similar to any other legal action related to the violation of a signed contract.

Charges of criminal conversation can be brought during marriage, separation, or even after a divorce. However, there is a three year statute of limitations. In other words, you have three years after your spouse’s infidelity took place to bring charges against his or her paramour. In order to win compensation for criminal conversation, you only need to demonstrate three things:

  • You are (or were, during the relevant time period) legally married to your spouse.
  • The defendant willingly engaged in adulterous acts with your spouse.
  • The infidelity took place within the three year statute of limitations.

Proving infidelity can be simple or very complicated; it depends on the circumstances. An experienced Raleigh criminal conversation lawyer will know how to help you build your case.

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