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Raleigh Alienation of Affection Lawyers

When you take your marriage vows before a community gathering, or even in front of just one witness, you are asking for the community’s support of your marriage. By attending the ceremony and not voicing any objections, the members of your community are pledging that support. Your friends and family are agreeing to help you with rough times, rather than working against your marriage.

Unfortunately, people do not always live up to the promises they make. When a person takes steps to ruin your loving relationship with your spouse, he or she is committing a civil offense called alienation of affection. To learn how you can take action against this hurtful behavior, contact a Raleigh alienation of affection lawyer through the Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at (919) 833-1040.

Filing an Alienation of Affection Claim

If your marriage has been ended by the interference of a third party, you may have grounds for a Raleigh alienation of affection lawsuit. In order to successfully win compensation, you need to be prepared to demonstrate that:

  • There was genuine love and affection in your relationship.
  • The defendant’s malicious actions damaged that love and affection.
  • The relationship between you and your spouse has been destroyed.

There are many potential defendants in an alienation of affection case, including:

  • Anyone who has seduced a married person, causing the marriage to end
  • A friend or family member who coerced a married person into ending the marriage
  • A religious or social organization that coerced or intimidated a person into ending a marriage

If you have suffered the pain of lost affection due to the kind of behavior described above, you need to speak with a Raleigh alienation of affection attorney soon to learn about your legal rights.

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