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Raleigh Child Abandonment Lawyers

Negotiating child custody and child support can be an exceptionally stressful and emotional process. It can involve intense disagreements between you and your child’s other parent and difficult decisions regarding your child’s welfare. Once the courts help legally settle everything, a parent deserves to breathe a sigh of relief. The obligations of both parents are now clearly defined. You plan to meet your own financial duties faithfully in addition to your responsibilities to nurture and support your child. Naturally, you expect the other parent of your child will do the same. Unfortunately, sometimes you are sadly disappointed.
The child abandonment lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC understand that, despite a parent’s hopes and wishes, sometimes parents completely fail to live up to their solemn responsibilities. When your co-parent willfully abandons your child, it can leave you in extreme distress. You might have fears about your financial stability, your child’s emotional health, and the obligations you are being forced to take on. Thankfully, if your co- parent has abandoned your child, you do have legal options. Child abandonment is grounds for the termination of parental rights. If the court makes this ruling, it can release you from uncertainty and allow you and your child to move forward into a happier future.

What Constitutes Abandonment?

Under North Carolina law, parents have legal responsibilities for their children. They are expected to provide adequate support and care. A parent may fail to meet these obligations because they abuse or neglect their child. A parent might also willfully abandon their child. In any of these cases, the court can terminate their parental rights, but abuse, neglect, and abandonment are all distinct. Once you know some of the signs of abandonment, you can make an informed decision about when to seek legal counsel.
The court can rule that a child has been abandoned if:

  • A parent willfully foregoes parental duties
  • A parent relinquishes parental claims
  • A parent conceals their location from the child with the intention of hiding from parental responsibilities
  • Some or all of these conditions have been met for at least six months for children
  • Some or all of conditions have been met for at least sixty days if the child is an infant

Since it can be difficult to tell the legal difference between neglect and willful abandonment, you should contact a lawyer if you suspect your child’s other parent has abandoned your child.

How We Can Help

The child abandonment lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC can help you protect your own rights, along with the rights of your child. We firmly believe that no child should face abandonment, and we are ready to bring our legal experience to your case. Call us at (919) 833-1040 to find out more about your legal options.