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Raleigh Marital Misconduct Attorneys

Adultery is defined by the act of one spouse having sexual intercourse with a partner other than their current spouse.

Marital Misconduct encompasses more then just adultery and can consist of any of the actions listed that happen during marriage and prior to or on the date of separation:

  • Illicit sexual behavior
  • Involuntary separation because of a criminal act;
  • One spouse without justification or consent abandons the other spouse without intending to resume cohabitation;
  • Maliciously barring access to the home of a spouse by the other spouse;
  • Cruel treatment endangering the life of the other spouse;
  • Circumstances making the spouses life intolerable such as domestic violence, abuse, humiliation, or unacceptable behavior;
  • Reckless spending or concealing of marital assets;
  • Substance abuse; or
  • Failing to provide subsistence.

These activities can impact post separation support and alimony when taken into account with other factors such as; whether it occurred before or after your legal date of separation, and whether you are a dependant or supporting spouse.

Divorce can be a complicated process especially when adultery or marital misconduct are involved. If you think any of these factors may apply to your divorce or separation – contact us today to schedule a confidential assessment and ensure that you have experienced divorce lawyers standing by your side.