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Morrisville Property Division

North Carolina the law sees marriage as a partnership in which both spouses make vital contributions. When that partnership is ended, in Morrisville, North Carolina, each partner is entitled to receive a fair and equitable share of the property acquired during the marriage. You must file for an equitable distribution agreement before entering an absolute divorce case in Morrisville, or you risk losing the right to file an agreement. If you have not filed a separation agreement, contact Marshall & Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys to help you file your equitable distribution agreement.

When an equitable distribution of property agreement is entered in Morrisville, property is classified as: marital property, separate property or a combination of both. After the property has been classified, the property will be valued, and finally the property will be distributed. In Morrisville that distribution is based many factors with respect to the separation or divorce proceedings.

Marshall & Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys can help produce a property division agreement to ensure the equitable distribution of property in Morrisville. If you are in the process of a divorce or separation, please use the contact form below to get more information on property division or to schedule a confidential assessment.