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Holly Springs Property Division

Jeff Marshall and Travis Taylor of Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys are prepared to help you file an agreement for equitable distribution of property in Holly Springs, NC. In North Carolina your marriage is viewed as a partnership where each spouse contributes significantly and is entitled to an equitable share of the marital property acquired. If you have a disagreement with your spouse, or are not certain of your rights during your separation, you should protect yourself by hiring an experienced lawyer to help you with your property division. The property of the spouses is either marital, separate, or a combination of both. It will have to be assigned value, which will be used, along with a number of other factors, to determine how to equitably distribute it.

If you have not yet filed a separation agreement in Holly Springs, you need to file an equitable distribution of property agreement so that you are ensured of receiving a fair share of the property acquired by you and your spouse. Marshall and Taylor can help you file your property division agreement, which must be filed before you and your spouse enter absolute divorce, otherwise you will lose the right to file.

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