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Garner Property Division

If you have separated from your spouse in Garner, North Carolina there are some important things that you need to know. The state of North Carolina views marriage as a partnership between the two spouses that is contributed to equally. Therefore, each spouse has equal rights regarding any property acquired during the marriage. If you have not filed a separation agreement, you should file for equitable distribution of property using a qualified family law attorney like Jeff Marshall or Travis Taylor at Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys. Marshall and Taylor will make sure that your property division case is handled fairly. You must file for equitable distribution of property before your divorce becomes final as the right to to file the agreement is lost at the time that you and your spouse enter absolute divorce.

There are several steps involved with property division in Garner. First, all of the property in the marriage must be classified as marital, separate, or a combination of both. Then, the property must be assigned value. Finally, the property will be equitably divided based on that value and a number of other factors.

Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys are equipped with the resources to resolve your property division disagreement in Garner. Whether your case is complex or simple, Marshall and Taylor will help you protect your best interests when you file for equitable distribution of property. Please contact us below for more information, or to schedule a confidential consultation.