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Garner Mediation & Arbitration

When going through a divorce, sometimes the most tedious process is the divorce litigation. The tedium and stress of this event can be more than you can bear. If you are in Garner, NC and are looking into alternatives to traditional divorce litigation we want you to know that you have options. Divorce mediation & arbitration can provide great alternatives for many people going through a divorce, especially if both sides are willing to openly cooperate.

A Garner divorce mediator is a neutral third party that works to create an open place for both sides to communicate. While the recommendation/decision of the mediator is not legally binding, they can be priceless in assisting both parties to reach a friendly decision to file with the court. The divorce mediation primarily serves as a communication tool to ensure that both parties can openly, confidently and calmly discuss the situation at hand to best decide the end results in a friendly, time efficient and cost efficient manner.

In Garner divorce arbitration is also a great option for many divorcing couples. With a divorce arbitration both sides are allowed to present their sides (evidence/cases) to a neutral third party. Unlike the divorce mediation, in an arbitration the third party does have the capability to issue a legally binding decision. The divorce arbitrator’s decision is called an Award and can be filed at the Wake County Courthouse. Another benefit to choose arbitration over divorce litigation is that scheduling is often easier and more consistent and you are less likely to have your time slot “bumped” which can happen often in traditional divorce litigation.

Regardless of your current situation with your divorce, we want you to know that you always have options open to you. We are here to walk you through all of the available options and guide you toward the divorce proceedings that best fit your unique situation. If you want to learn more about divorce mediation & arbitration in Garner please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation today.