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Garner Divorce Lawyers

Divorce, or the legal termination of a marriage, continues to affect many in the United States. However, there are attorneys and lawyers available to help you in your time of need. By hiring a lawyer or attorney who can provide you with their expertise throughout your divorce, you will be able to successfully maximize your resources in this stressful situation.

Jeffrey Marshall and Travis Taylor are two of the top family law and divorce attorneys today. These lawyers are here to help you through your divorce as they serve many in the town of Garner and its surrounding areas. It is very beneficial to utilize the help of trained lawyers and attorneys such as those at Marshall & Taylor during your divorce.

Garner is a town located in Wake County of North Carolina. Garner’s roots are in the railroad system, as the North Carolina Railroad station was built in Garner in the late 1800’s. There are several explanations for how Garner got its name, as there is not enough information to prove one explanation correct. One belief is that Thomas Bingham named the town after a general store in the area, as “garner” in the dictionary is defined as “granary” or “store”. Another story says that Garner was named after a family that once lived in the area. Yet another belief is that Garner was named after Henry Fort, while others think that Garner was named for H.C. Garner, the town’s founder.

The principal means of income in Garner during its early days was through farming. The first business of Garner was a wood shop which included fine cabinetry built and owned by Henry Fort. Other early businesses of Garner included grocery stores and general stores, as well as barber shops, blacksmiths, boarding houses, livery stables, repair shops, and finally, a bank. Garner has grown significantly since its early days, and is predicted to continue to grow rapidly in its days to come.

The majority of Garner households are married couples living together. However, divorce rates continue to grow in the town of Garner and all over the world. If you are going through a divorce, it is very beneficial to find a lawyer or attorney to assist you with the legal matters of your divorce. Don’t hesitate to call the attorneys at Marshall & Taylor for help.