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Clayton Property Division

If you are going through a divorce or separation in Clayton, North Carolina you need to know how the law views marriage. In North Carolina marriage is viewed as a partnership to which each spouse makes contributions, and are therefore entitled to equal share of the property from the marriage, or partnership. If you have not filed a separation agreement, which should include language that encompasses property division, then you should contact an experienced attorney to help you file for equitable distribution of property. Equitable distribution must be filed before resolution of the divorce, as the right to file an agreement to divide property is lost upon entry of absolute divorce.

Attorneys Jeff Marshall and Travis Taylor at Marshall and Taylor Family Law and Divorce Attorneys will help you through the process of property division whether it is simple or complicated. The discovery process used to determine whether property is marital, separate, or a combination can be complex in some cases, and you should have the help of experienced professionals as you classify the property in your dispute. Once the property is classified it will have to be given a value which will help determine how it is to be divided in Clayton.

If you need more information about the equitable distribution of property in Clayton, North Carolina, or if you would like to schedule a confidential consultation at Marshall and Taylor please contact the office below. We are here to help make you experience during the divorce process is as easy as possible.