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Clayton Mediation & Arbitration

Going through a divorce can be strenuous – but due to the legal issues surrounding a divorce, it can often be extremely tedious. If you’re located in Clayton, NC and are looking into divorce litigation alternatives we have some great options for you to explore.

Clayton Divorce Mediation can be an expedited way to get through divorce proceedings. A divorce mediation allows a neutral third party to create an open forum for communication between you and your spouse. While the mediator cannot make a legally binding decision, their expertise at creating open communication can help both sides reach an amicable agreement more quickly. A mediator will work hard to create a comfortable environment where each party can confidently present their concerns and get through their divorce in a cost effective manner.

If are looking for other options, a Clayton Divorce Arbitration may fit your situation even better. A divorce arbitrator is a neutral third party that can make legally binding decisions. Each party will present their evidence/case in the divorce proceedings and the divorce arbitrator will work to find the most equitable and balanced outcome. Their decision, called an Award, can be submitted to the Wake County courthouse for official divorce filings. While Arbitration does offer more structure than a mediation and is directly legally binding, people often prefer arbitration because scheduling is much more consistent – with a Clayton divorce arbitration you will pick the date and time for your arbitration and that time will generally be solid, whereas traditional divorce litigation scheduling often gets bumped and moved creating an uneconomical time situation.

If you are living in Clayton and are considering divorce mediation & arbitration, please contact us today. We’ll set up a confidential consultation where we can examine your case and walk you through the best options available.