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Clayton Child Support & Child Custody

Do you have a child and are going through a divorce or separation? If so, you know that questions about child custody and child support are going to be pressing issues during this process. Clayton, NC courts decide child custody based on a variety of factors. Ultimately the court is going to decide what is best for the development of the child or children involved. Some of the things that they look at include: special needs of the child, the flexibility or your schedules, and the environment and preferences of the child.

Child support in Clayton, North Carolina also looks at many factors to find the financial balance that can support the child or children. Once a divorce is final the courts will look at the income of both parents, the costs of daycare and health care and other necessities along with any other special circumstances to reach a financial agreement between both parties. Reaching the best agreement for your family is crucial. We’re here to represent your family’s interest during your divorce. Contact us now to schedule a confidential consultation to go over your child support and child custody options.