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Chapel Hill Property Division

In Chapel Hill, North Carolina the law views marriage as a partnership into which both spouses contribute, which entitles each spouse to an equitable share of the property acquired during the marriage. The experienced attorneys, Jeff Marshall and Travis Taylor at Marshall and Taylor Divorce and Family Law Attorneys, can make certain that you receive the most of your property division dispute. If you have not filed a separation agreement, then you may file for equitable distribution of property in Chapel Hill before your divorce hearing. Upon entry of absolute divorce, the right to file for equitable distribution is lost.

The first step to take, in Chapel Hill, toward reaching an equitable division of property is to contact a family law attorney. At Marshall and Taylor, your interests will be protected. The property that exists in the marriage must be classified as marital or separate property, or a combination. The property must then be given a value, which will be used to divide the property fairly between the spouses.

Property Division can be very complicated in Chapel Hill. A reputable lawyer from Marshall and Taylor can help you through the process to ensure an equitable distribution of the property that you have to divide. For more information, or to schedule a confidential assessment of your case, contact Marshall and Taylor below.