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Chapel Hill Mediation & Arbitration

With any legal matter, divorce can be tedious. Often times couples that seek a divorce are willing to explore divorce mediation to help reach a friendly and cooperative agreement for the divorce outside of the courtroom by using the expertise of a neutral third party. While it must be understand that the Chapel Hill divorce mediator does not have the authority to decide the legal outcome of your divorce, their expertise can be priceless in assisting you reach an amicable agreement quickly. Sometimes using divorce mediation can expedite the divorce process. A Chapel Hill divorce mediation can often speed up your divorce by creating an open forum of communication where the exchange cannot be used against either party in court.

If a divorce mediation isn’t successful and you are still looking for an alternate way to settle your divorce, Chapel Hill divorce arbitration may be the answer. Arbitration allows for each party to present their evidence/case to a neutral third party which can then make a legally binding decision. In Wake County, this decision from the divorce arbitration is referred to as an “award” and can be filed at the county courthouse. Sometimes our clients have issues with scheduling divorce litigation – one great benefit to divorce arbitration is that you can schedule the proceedings to occur at a specific date and time without the worry of being “bumped”, which usually happens during traditional divorce litigation.

If you are in Chapel Hill and you are considering alternatives to traditional divorce litigation – contact us today to learn more about divorce mediation & divorce arbitration.