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Cary Mediation & Arbitration

Jeffrey Marshall & Travis Taylor are available to help with your Divorce Mediation or Arbitration in Cary, we will ensure that you have the support that you need to reach an agreement during a Mediation or Arbitration.

Going through a divorce or separation in Cary can be a painstakingly tedious process. Often, couples seek out mediation to resolve disputes privately using a neutral third party. While a Cary divorce mediator does not have the authority to decide the outcome of your separation, they can assist with resolving issues and reaching agreements quickly and easily. The communication that takes place during mediation is confidential and may not be used in court allowing both parties to communicate openly and honestly with confidence. In Cary you will find that there are several ways to proceed with a mediation which will ensure that there is a comfortable, cost effective environment for settling disputes or disagreements.

If your mediation is unsuccessful in Cary, there are other options to help you reach an agreement in your divorce or separation dispute. Arbitration allows you to provide your evidence to a neutral third party who then has the power to make a binding decision. An Arbitrator’s decision is called an award, and can be filed at the Wake county courthouse. A benefit to scheduling an arbitration rather than litigation in Cary, is that your matter will be heard on the scheduled date at the scheduled time, rather than being “bumped” or rescheduled which is often the case with Cary divorce litigation.

Whether you live in Cary or any of the other many areas that Marshall & Taylor serve, we want to make sure that you are pleased with the help that you receive during your divorce or separation. To see how we can further help you or to schedule a confidential consultation, please fill out the form below or call us today. We’re standing by to assist you with your divorce mediation or arbitration in Cary.