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Cary Divorce & Separation

If you find yourself going through a divorce or separation, hiring a reputable divorce attorney in Cary is crucial to you. At Marshall & Taylor, we care about your case and you as an individual, and we understand that you are experiencing a great deal of stress and emotional distress. We have the resources to help make your divorce or separation as easy and comfortable as possible and will help you avoid any unnecessary aggravation. A divorce in Cary is not a complex process itself, but can be if you are negotiating child custody, child support, property division or spousal support & alimony. Typically a divorce case will take 35-40 days to complete from the time you retain us.

We can also help you file a Separation Agreement in Cary, which is a legally binding contract between both parties that is designed to last forever. Parties sometimes attempt to write these agreements on their own, without the assistance of a competent attorney. The risk in writing your own Separation Agreement lies in leaving out important information regarding your rights or other more complex aspects of the separation such as child custody, child support, property division or spousal support & alimony. A mistake can often end up burdening you financially, aggravating you, and will, inevitably, be very difficult to correct.

If you are interested in filing a Separation Agreement or Divorce in Cary, you owe it to yourself and your assets to hire a competent and responsible legal team. Marshall & Taylor are ready to join your team to help you through this process. If you are interested in requesting more information or a confidential consultation, please fill out the contact form below.