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Cary Divorce Lawyers

There have been several divorce cases handled by leading attorneys Jeffrey Marshall and Travis Taylor in Cary, North Carolina. These attorneys provide their assistance and expertise in all areas of divorce and family law in Cary and its surrounding areas. The lawyers at Marshall & Taylor are available to help with any legal matter concerning a divorce, and may be contacted for assistance.

Divorce, or the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court, increased significantly during the twentieth century. There are many causes of divorce, and help from a lawyer is often needed. A divorce attorney’s knowledge can be crucial during the divorce procedure, as many of the legal matters may become difficult without the help of a lawyer or attorney. Divorce attorneys are able to provide their expertise on the process in order to alleviate as much stress as possible throughout a couple’s divorce. The divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor are here to provide this often needed help and support to Cary and its surrounding areas.

Cary is the second largest area of North Carolina’s Wake County. There was a 2007 population of over 120,000 in Cary. Cary was named to honor Samuel Fenton Cary, a Temperance movement leader. Cary lies at the center of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. Raleigh, Morrisville, and Apex border Cary, and are all served by the lawyers at Marshall & Taylor. Cary continues to increase in size, and has become a popular location for relocating professionals, including attorneys and lawyers. Many Northerners migrate to Cary largely because of its proximity to Research Triangle Park and various other companies. Although it continues to grow, the Cary Town Council wishes to keep Cary as a “town” rather than a city.

Many individuals come from outside of North Carolina to live in Cary, as it is arguably one of the best cities in the United States to reside. There are nearly 35,000 households in Cary, out of which about 63% are married couples and 42% have children. Cary has one of the highest median household incomes in North Carolina, with very few families living below the poverty line. Cary has been ranked in the top 10 safest cities in the United States for six years. In addition, Cary has been the only southern city ranked in the top 25.