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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple decides to end marriage

Grammy award winning music producer David Foster and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda are filing for divorce after a four-year marriage, USA Today reported on Dec 2.

Though the couple was only married for four years, they reportedly have been together for nine years. The 51-year-old TV series actress has been struggling with Lyme disease since 2012 that resulted to her seldom appearance in the series.

The couple was last seen last month at a Lakers game for David’s birthday and during a gala for Lyme disease. In a recent statement, David and Yolanda recounted their roller coaster experiences throughout the course of their relationship.

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Some myths about divorce you should know about

There are statistics and myths in popular culture surrounding divorce that can be detrimental to an individual or couple if not examined critically. Among the most common are the following:

1. A divorce is a failure

Relationship experts point out that there are other signs of a successful relationship rather than the length of time one has been married; did you learn something from this relationship? Did you raise kids successfully together? Were you largely happy in your relationship?

2. You can ‘divorce-proof’ your marriage

Journalist Vicki Larson reminds couples that the only behavior you can control is your own. You may do everything “right” and still end up divorced. But, she points out, that that is not necessarily a bad thing because in some cases “letting go” it the healthier option.

3. Divorce harms children

Therapist Susan Pease Gadoua points to research that says it isn’t the divorce that can negatively affect children, but the contentious and stressful environment that may or may not come with that decision.

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Possible reasons to consider divorce

A February 9 article of Huffington Post revealed some possible reasons for individuals to consider divorcing their partner from the point of view of Doctor Gail Gross.

1. Individuals may consider divorce their partner if their partner is a habitual cheater.
2. Individuals who believe that their family is at risk due to their partner’s vices or addictive behavior may also consider filing for divorce.
3. Couples who realize that their plans in life have grown to be irreconcilably different from one another may consider divorce.
4. Individuals whose self-esteem has been greatly affected by being constantly rejected by their partner may want to consider ending their relationship.
5. Individuals whose partner is constantly making big decisions on their own or is concealing critical information that affects the whole family  may choose to file for divorce.

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Actress and NFL star Angela Harmon and Jason Sehorn separate

Forty-two-year-old television and film actress Angela Michelle Harmon and 43-year-old former professional cornerback in the NFL Jason Heath Sehorn publicly announced on November 3 that they are officially separating after being married to each other for 13 years, Radar Online reported.

According to the article, Harmon and Sehorn were already living separately for months prior to the recent announcement. In July, Harmon got the courts to approve a restraining order against a homeless woman. The judge named her, her three children, her nanny, and a friend as people who lived in the LA house under protection of the court order, but Sehorn’s name was missing from the list of residents.

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“Blurred Lines” singer’s wife filed for divorce

Robin Thicke’s long time wife Paula Patton recently filed for divorce after several months of being separated, Daily News on October 8 reported.

The divorce is assumed to be amicable, even though Thicke worked publicly to win Patton back. Their $2.9 million mansion was put on the market earlier this year. Many believe that the separation was initiated stemming from allegations of Thicke’s infidelities. As California is a “no-fault” divorce state, the 38-year-old actress filed under “irreconcilable differences.” Patton did not requested for a spousal support from her estranged husband, only shared physical and legal custody of their son.

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Conditions of Divorce in North Carolina

In North Carolina, “no fault” divorces can be granted, meaning that either spouse can successfully file for divorce from the other as long as certain requirements are satisfied. Deep reasons or other qualifying terms do not have to be expressed specifically in the divorce papers.

One of the statutory requirements to be granted divorce in the state is to be separated from each other for at least one year under North Carolina General Statute 50-6. According to North Carolina courts, intimate or casual interactions between the separated spouses that happened by chance or within what can be called an isolated circumstance does not constitute a restart of the one-year countdown. However, the spouses can at no point live together for a full year, and one spouse must consider the marriage totally over during this time in order for the divorce to be approved.

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Actor Richard Gere and wife Carey heading for divorce

American veteran actor Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell are headed for divorce, a report stated on September 25.

According to reports, the 64-year-old actor and the 52-year-old model-actress have been separated in the past years. Lowell prefers seeking public attention and wants to stay in North Haven, while Gere prefer to stay in their place in Bedford, New York, according to an insider.

The couple was married for 11 years and have an 13-year-old son named Homer.

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