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Mel Gibson settles divorce with 1st wife

Actor Mel Gibson, 55, and estranged wife, Robyn Moore, recently finalized the details of their divorce. The couple became separated in 2006, two days after Gibson was charged with driving under the influence.

The two filed for divorce in 2009 after 28 years of marriage. Together, Gibson and Moore have 7 children.

Final drafts of the divorce settlement include decisions regarding property division. In California, community property and earnings are split 50/50. Gibson is estimated to be worth around $900 million and owns properties in Costa Rica, Fiji, and Malibu. Much of the divorce proceedings concerned the division of these properties.

In North Carolina, divorce laws do not automatically divide property on a 50/50 basis. Rather than being divided equally, property in North Carolina is divided equitably. Contact the Raleigh equitable distribution of property attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC at 919-833-1040 to learn more about the property division process.