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Katy Perry and Russell Brand split

Singer Katy Perry and actor/comedian Russell Brand have called it quits when Brand filed for divorce on Dec 30.

Fans were shocked when the couple decided to split after just 14 months.  According to Forbes magazine, Perry made $45 million during their marriage and Brand has claimed that there was no prenuptial agreement signed, which means Brand is entitled to half of that money.  Brand’s salary during their marriage was somewhere between $6-8 million.

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Single-dad wins in family court show acceptance of new families

A greater number of single-dad wins in family court hearings shows a growing acceptance of new families.  Furthermore, statistics show that in the past 10 years, the number of families led by single fathers has increased by 27.3 percent.

8 percent of American families with children include a single father.  In 1950, 1.1 percent of American families with children included a single dad.  Single mothers head 7.2 percent of all American families, including families without children.  Of all American families, single fathers lead 2.4 percent.

A family law professor at the University of Notre Dame says, “If the dad is really interested in getting custody and wants to have a relationship with his kids, he is far more successful than he was 20 years ago.”

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Mother denied custody because of cancer diagnosis

A North Carolina divorce and child custody case has gained significant attention from the media and internet users after a judge denied custody of two children to their mother because she had cancer.

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition online titled “Do not allow NC Judge to take Alaina Giordano’s children because she has cancer.”  There has also been a debate between lawyers on the American Bar Association’s website.

Currently, Giordano’s two children (11 and 6-years old) live with her in Durham.  However, according to the judge’s ruling, the kids must move to Chicago to live with their father.

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