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Angels’ slugger Josh Hamilton to divorce wife

Thirty-three-year-old Joshua Holt Hamilton of the Los Angeles Angels has filed for divorce from his wife Katie in February, court documents filed in Tarrant County indicated, WNCN reported on April 19.

The petition outlined 34 requests by Hamilton, including prohibiting Katie from taking the children, using a a Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer, and forbidding his estranged wife from speaking ill of him and his family. Katie rejected this petition in a separate court motion issued in March, and the two have agreed not to communicate during the proceedings.

According to reports, Hamilton is not permitted to visit three of the couple’s properties and must have supervision when spending time with their children. In the past, the baseball player struggled with substance abuse and admitted to a relapse earlier this year.

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Amanda Dufner filed to divorce PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner

Three-time PGA Tour winner Jason Christopher Dufner and wife Amanda Dufner are heading for divorce after three years of marriage, CBS Sports reported on March 31.

Amanda reportedly filed her divorce papers from the 38-year-old golfer on March 16. According to the documents, Amanda cited an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage,” also stating that they would no longer be able to live together. In the divorce settlement of their assets and property, Amanda is expected to pocket about $3 million, while her estranged husband will be allotted their houses.

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