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Prenuptial Agreements for the Proper Distribution of Assets

North Carolina, which handles property division during divorce proceedings differently from other states in the United States, uses equitable distribution to determine the separation of assets. However, the “equal” distribution of a marital couple’s divisible property has to be determined by the courts after they have looked at the couple’s assets. This can be a highly problematic arrangement as a spouse can view the matter as unfair if they believe their spouse is awarded disproportionately.

For this reason, lawyers encourage couples to have a prenuptial agreement for this arrangement can help a couple achieve an equitable distribution of their property during the event of a divorce.

When establishing a prenup, both parties should take note of which properties or assets should be under their name. This move is particularly beneficial for members of longer marriage as the longer a married couple stays together, the more entangled their financial lives become. By accounting for one’s own personal assets early on in a marriage, complications may be avoided later.

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Divorce of Ken Griffin and Anne Dias finalized

The divorce of billionaire Kenneth Griffin and his estranged wife Anne Dias Griffin was recently concluded in a Cook County Circuit Court. Reports revealed that the estranged couple decided to settle their “prenuptial agreement” dispute on October 6 before their hearing was set to begin.

In the documents signed by Judge Grace Dickler, Griffin and Dias will have shared custody of their children. The court also ruled on the validity of the premarital agreement the estranged couple had in place when they were married in July of 2003, determining that it would serve as a legally binding document in the divorce.

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Google’s Sergey Brin and 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki divorce

Google co-founder Sergey Brin amicably ended his eight years of marriage with 23andMe executive Anne Wojcicki, an SF GATE article stated on June 23.

According to reports, Brin and Wojcicki, both 41-years-old, officially ended their marriage in May at a Santa Clara County court. The former couple, who have two children together, got married in 2007. Reports stated that in 2013, the two lived separately, during which time Brin had a relationship with another employee at Google. The estranged couple both care for their children and reports indicate that they plan to continue raising them together. The two had a prenuptial agreement and agreed on an undisclosed divorce settlement.

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Hamm’s former spouse rejected over $97 million divorce settlement

Oil magnate Harold Hamm’s former wife, Sue Ann Arnall, did not accept a divorce check totaling $975 million, as she plans to pursue a greater amount, PIX 11 on January 7 said.

In the appeal filed by Arnall, she claimed that the company’s success was a result of both of their work. Arnall, who is an attorney and economist, reportedly held an executive post in the oil company Continental Resources. Though the oil tycoon obliged to pay the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement in November, he is also pursuing an appeal because his company and its fortune was negatively affected by the recent drop in oil prices. The report revealed that Harold and Sue Ann did not have a prenuptial agreement before they got married 26 years ago.

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