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Millions of dollars in child support go unpaid each year

Data from the North Carolina Health and Human Services showed that $280 million in child support, out of the total court-ordered amount of $815 million, went unpaid in 2014–revealing the difficult situation that many single parents face, WNCN reported on April 30.

A national statistical breakdown of custodial parents who were eligible for child support payments in 2013 include: 82% women; 79% are 30-years-old or over; 57% have just one eligible child; 29% have an income below the federal poverty level, among others. The percentages of those eligible for child support also vary vastly by ethnicity.

For the past five years North Carolina has collected only about 65% of child support payments owed.

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Community service sentence for Dennis Rodman

Last week in an Orange County courtroom, Dennis Rodman was sentenced to community service and informal probation for his failure to keep up with spousal and child support payments.

Rodman was found to be in contempt after he was unable to pay the $860,376 that he owed to his former wife. The 51-year-old, who spent 14 years playing in the NBA, will now have to complete 104 hours of community service and spend three years on informal probation.

The court also enforced the child support payments, and Dennis was ordered to pay current and past child support to his ex-wife. Rodman will appear in court again on June 22 to discuss any additional disputes surrounding his child support situation.

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