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UFC heavyweight fighter suspected of assaulting ex-fiance

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Travis Browne is suspected of physically assaulting his former fiancé, according to Fox Sports on July 9.

Reports revealed a photo collage posted on Instagram that showed fitness model Jenna Renee Webb with some bruises on her face, upper arm, and knee. The Instagram account used reportedly is owned by Webb under the name “JennaReneeFit.” In a UFC 189 press conference, the company stated that they have been notified of the Instagram post, and they believe that any form of domestic violence is a violation of their conduct policy. The Hawaiian heavy weight fighter was prevented from joining a competition in Las Vegas while UFC is investigating the allegations against him.

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N.C. man charged for multiple domestic violence incidents

A resident of Cary in North Carolina was recently charged after he was suspected of assaulting his former girlfriend, WRAL.com reported on June 14.

The incident happened at a market in Hudson on June 10. Reports said Isle of Palms Police filed several charges against 39-year-old Robert Howell after his ex-girlfriend Autumn Yee, who was apparently being held hostage, discreetly told a clerk to call police. Yee, who was trying to get away from Howell, reportedly sustained some scratches. A day following the incident, Howell’s former wife Sarah asked the court for a protective order for her and her children. Captain Randall Rhyne stated that they take “domestic violence very seriously” in Cary.

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Grant given to domestic violence shelter in Yadkin County

The Sparrow’s House of Yadkin in Yadkin County, North Carolina, a local emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children, has received a $40,000 grant from The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, TWC News reported on February 15.

The Sparrow’s House opened November 2014 and currently receives no state or federal funding due to its recent establishment. Sparrow’s House executive director Jennifer Bowman explained that the shelter is not yet eligible for government funding; it must have been open for a year and provided crisis hotline services during that time.

Z. Smith Reynolds program operator James Gore, for his part, said the foundation caters to providing monetary support to shelters of domestic violence in North Carolina, and the shelter is needed in that area of the state.

The shelter spends around $13,000 each month for its operation expenses, and grants like this keep it functioning.

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NHL player charged for assaulting spouse

A December 15 article of ESPN LA stated that hockey defenseman of the Los Angeles Kings, Slava Voynov, was charged in California after he was suspected of physically abusing his wife.

According to a court judge in Los Angeles, the charge against the 24-year-old hockey player will progress due to adequate evidence. An officer of the Redondo Beach Police testified that Marta Varlamova was brutally assaulted by Voynov. Marta needed several stitches to fix the wound she sustained above her left eye as a result of Voynov’s attack. Voynov was prevented from participating his team’s activity after his arrest. He is scheduled for a court trial on December 29.

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NFL barred Peterson for a season after child abuse case

The National Football League (NFL) decided to fully suspend the Minnesota Vikings’ star player Adrian Peterson for physically abusing his son, the L.A. Times reported on November 18.

League Commissioner Roger Goodell imposed the full term suspension after Peterson reportedly failed to express sufficient remorse for beating his 4-year-old son. Peterson pleaded no contest earlier this month in Texas to charges related to whipping his son with a tree switch. The running back star will be considered for the next NFL season after April 15. An executive director for Interagency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect stated that Peterson’s action is considered a crime, as children have no means to protect themselves.

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Fantasia Barrino being sued for custody

Thirty-year-old R&B singer and actress Fantasia Monique Barrino’s ex-boyfriend, Brandel Shouse, has recently filed for custody of their 13-year-old daughter, Zion, in Meckleburg, North Carolina.

Fantasia, who rose to fame after winning the third season of America Idol, says she will fight the suit. She claims that Shouse never had a relationship with their daughter, nor has he ever paid child support. The couple split years ago after he pleaded guilty to domestic abuse.

The trial is set to transpire next year.

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Charlotte Hornets’ player charged with domestic assault

Basketball player for Charlotte Hornets Jeffery Matthew Taylor was recently charged with domestic assault in Michigan, wcnc.com reported on September 26.

According to reports, the 25-year-old Hornets’ forward was arrested in East Lansing at around 1:00 a.m. of September 25 after physically engaging with a girl he was dating. Taylor is also facing one count of deliberately damaging property. The prosecutor stated that other details of the incident will not yet be provided by police due to an ongoing investigation. A statement from the Hornets confirmed his arrest and said that he is temporarily barred from joining team-related activities while the league is examining the incident. Taylor is expected to appear in court this month.

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Tougher punishment for domestic violence urged in NC

A bill was recently proposed in North Carolina to impose harsher punishment for suspects of domestic violence, Time Warner Cable News reported on June 2.

In a statement, Briand Francis of Mecklenburg County stressed the need for stricter punishment against abusive parties. Francis also asserted that the consequences of a domestic violence situation are enhanced when a child is witness to or involved in the abuse. Since last January, a recorded 17 people died of domestic violence in North Carolina, according to a report done by an advocacy group against domestic violence.

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Columbus Short’s wife files for divorce

Actor and dancer Columbus Short’s wife Tuere Tanee Short recently filed for divorce, an article by the Los Angeles Times stated on April 17.

Tuere reportedly cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce papers filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court on April 15. The court also granted Tuere’s temporary restraining order request against the 31-year-old actor. Tuere also requested custody of their 2-year-old daughter Ayala. Tuere was compelled to file for divorce after experiencing physical abuse from the actor, who was arrested last March. After an altercation last April 7, Columbus and Tuere were living separately. The estranged couple were married in 2005.

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Deaths caused by domestic violence increase in 2012

An increase in domestic violence murders was observed in North Carolina in 2012, the attorney general said recently.

Attorney General Roy Cooper is concerned about the increase and believes North Carolina must do more to stop domestic violence. Cooper said a 15 percent increase in deaths due to domestic violence, leading to a total of 122, was seen in 2012. According to 2012 records, 78 of the victims were women and 44 were men. Of the killers recorded, 104 were men and 18 women.

Cooper also said this increase proves that there is a greater need for more education and resources, greater law enforcement against perpetrators, and greater awareness of the issue.

Tragically, domestic violence causes hundreds of people to be injured or killed every year in North Carolina. If you know or suspect that someone is being abused, call our lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at 919-833-1040. We will do whatever possible to remove the person from danger.