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Rapper arrested in Atlanta for failing to pay child support

A Texas-based hip-hop artist who failed to settle his child support payments was recently apprehended by authorities in Atlanta after receiving an award at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, an October 12 article of Daily News stated.

Reports said rapper “Scarface” was arrested on October 9th at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center after being honored with the “I Am Hip-Hop” award. The arrest of the 44-year-old rapper, whose real name is Brad Terrence Jordan, was confirmed by a statement coming from Fulton County Jail. A bond of $482,190 was set after his arrest. Further details of Scarface’s arrest were not revealed, and his representative did not commented on the situation.

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Judge grants Chris Brown joint custody of daughter

Singer Chris Brown and ex Nia Guzman will share custody of their 1-year-old daughter, according to a Houston judge’s recent ruling, Times Live reported on Monday, September 14.

Royalty’s mother had claimed before that her daughter may not be suited to Brown’s lifestyle and parenting methods. Brown, on the other hand, has persistently fought for the custody of his daughter and has said that he is a good father. The judge also dismissed the $15,000 in child support demanded by Guzman. However, she will continue to receive her monthly payment of $2,500 from Brown. Though an incident in July took place in Chris Brown’s home in Los Angeles, his legal counsels argued that Brown is not putting his daughter at risk.

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Millions of dollars in child support go unpaid each year

Data from the North Carolina Health and Human Services showed that $280 million in child support, out of the total court-ordered amount of $815 million, went unpaid in 2014–revealing the difficult situation that many single parents face, WNCN reported on April 30.

A national statistical breakdown of custodial parents who were eligible for child support payments in 2013 include: 82% women; 79% are 30-years-old or over; 57% have just one eligible child; 29% have an income below the federal poverty level, among others. The percentages of those eligible for child support also vary vastly by ethnicity.

For the past five years North Carolina has collected only about 65% of child support payments owed.

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Actor Jeremy Renner settled child custody with ex-wife

Former couple Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco recently settled on shared custody of their daughter after their divorce filing in December, Page Six stated on April 2.

In the child custody hearing that was settled in Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Michael Whitaker ordered the 44-year-old actor to pay $13,000 in monthly child support to Pacheco. Previously, both parties had brought up issues they had with the parenting of the other. As part of the custody agreement, Renner and Pacheco must construct a parenting plan with the help of a therapist, and they were warned against speaking poorly of the other in the presence of their daughter.

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Hedge fund billionaire’s ex wife demands monthly support of $1 million

Citadel Founder and CEO Ken Griffin’s divorcing wife is demanding a monthly child support payment of $1 million to maintain the living standards of their children in Illinois, a March 4 article by the New York Post said.

According to the billionaire’s estranged spouse Anne Dias Griffin, Ken is earning a monthly net income of $68.5 million, or $2.2 million every day. Though Ken, 46, blasted Anne’s demand, she argued in her documents that Ken should continue to support the kind of living he established for his family because their children never lived the life of typical families in America. Dias’ child support demand is only 2 percent of Ken’s income, despite the Illinois state guidelines for child support being 32% of the income.

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Wife of Timbaland files for divorce

The wife of song writer and rapper Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley recently filed divorce to end their five years of marriage, a report released on October 17 stated.

In the divorce documents filed by Monique Mosley against the 41-year-old rapper, she had requested financial support including payment of life insurance, permanent alimony, summer camp, private schooling, and other fees resulting from the divorce filing. Ms. Mosley also asked for child support for their daughter Reign and another child from a previous relationship.

Timbaland allegedly claimed his wife’s 10-year-old son as one of his own “publicly and privately.”

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Man named in 15 paternity cases already owes child support for 14 children

A Nebraska man could possibly have 29 children if he is proven to be the father in 15 pending paternity cases brought against him by nine different women. The Lincoln man, 49, is already father to 14 children.

It may be difficult for the man to financially support any additional children because he is already behind in child support payments by $80,000 for his current children. The man has been behind on his child support payments since 1984 and was recently arrested for his actions.

A judge in his case ordered him to begin paying off his child support debt, or he will face jail time. He was told he had to pay $500 a month in child support and $800 in back support starting December 1 in order to avoid spending time behind bars.

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