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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple decides to end marriage

Grammy award winning music producer David Foster and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda are filing for divorce after a four-year marriage, USA Today reported on Dec 2.

Though the couple was only married for four years, they reportedly have been together for nine years. The 51-year-old TV series actress has been struggling with Lyme disease since 2012 that resulted to her seldom appearance in the series.

The couple was last seen last month at a Lakers game for David’s birthday and during a gala for Lyme disease. In a recent statement, David and Yolanda recounted their roller coaster experiences throughout the course of their relationship.

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Divorce of Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau official

Singer/songwriter Michelle Branch and bassist Teddy Landau have finalized their divorce, according to reports. In the divorce settlement, the 32-year-old Branch was able to secure all the rights to her music, including recordings, demos, and compositions. The 51-year-old bassist will get “some property” including two vehicles. Branch and Landau cited “irreconcilable differences” as their reason when they filed divorce paperwork in February.

The estranged couple were married for eleven years, and the two will share custody of their only daughter. The pair have both decided to split the cost of her education as well, but a child support arrangement has not been finalized at this point.

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Celebrity couple Berry and Martinez to end marriage

Celebrity couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez recently decided to end their marriage of two years, an article stated on October 27.

Reports said Martinez filed his divorce papers on October 27 after Berry filed her papers the previous day. The court reportedly may void the papers filed by Berry due to the fact that she filed under an alias in an effort to protect her privacy. Berry’s divorce papers were only confirmed after Martinez used their real names in his filed papers. Berry and Martinez, who are both 49 years old, have asked for a joint custody agreement in their filed papers for the shared custody of their son, Maceo Martin.

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“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie finalizes divorce

Forty-one-year-old transgender and sexuality issues advocate and Hawaii resident Thomas Beatie has recently finalized his contested divorce with wife Nancy Gillespie after he agreed to give her his shark tooth collection.

Beatie is most well-known as the “Pregnant Man” from the unusual circumstances of his 2007 pregnancy. He and Gillespie originally separated in 2012 amid Beatie’s allegations that Gillespie was an alcoholic who had a tendency of committing violent attacks on him.

A judge denied a divorce request in 2013, ruling that the state ban on same-sex marriages indicates that the ex-couple’s marriage had not been valid in the first place. This decision was overturned by Arizona’s Court of Appeals in 2014.

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Music artist couple, Stefani and Rossdale, split

Well-known rock singers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale recently ended their 13 year marriage by filing for divorce in Los Angeles in the beginning of August, an article of USA Today stated.

The 45-year-old No Doubt vocalist cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce documents she filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Gavin, 49, filed his divorce papers later that day, court spokesperson Mary Hearn stated. In their papers, the former couple both wanted to have “joint custody” of their three children – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Stefani and Rossdale issued a joint statement that they will work together in parenting their children even though they have decided to live their lives separately.

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Final arguments presented in on Terrence Howard divorce settlement case

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis said on Monday, August 17 that it will take him a week to decide whether to allow 46-year-old actor and singer Terrence Howard to set aside a divorce judgment that will entitle Howard’s second ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, to spousal support and a share of Howard’s professional earnings, which includes money he earned as the lead role in the FOX drama, Empire.

Ghent and Howard were married in January 2010- she filed for divorce from him a year later.

During the trial, Howard’s attorneys played for the court a September 2011 recording that showed Ghent threatening to reveal private information about Howard to the public if Howard didn’t wire her money immediately. Howard then said he sent Ghent $40,000, but according to Ghent’s lawyers, that particular sum was to cover housing expenses.

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Country singer couple Lambert and Shelton divorce

American country singer Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert recently announced their divorce after several years of being married, an article from the U.S. News stated on July 20.

The divorce announcement was released by the ex couple’s representatives, confirming the end of their marriage that lasted four years. Lambert and Shelton reportedly said in their statement that they did not foresee the end of their relationship. Though Lambert told reporters in 2010 that their relationship was normal, last year she was reported as criticizing how tabloids were making their lives miserable. The couple was last seen together in April at an awards show.

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Film star Ed Asner filed for divorce

American veteran actor Ed Asner recently filed for divorce from his estranged spouse, a May 18 article of News Max reported.

According to reports, the 85-year-old former Screen Actors Guild president and his spouse Cindy have been separated since 2007, long before the divorce filing. The veteran actor filed for divorce to gain back his freedom. After reaching a financial settlement in 2009, Asner reportedly attempted to end Cindy’s financial support, claiming his ex-spouse was reluctant to become financially independent. Asner, who was also a political activist, got married to Cindy in 1998.

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Coldplay vocalist Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow split

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, recently filed for divorce after announcing their separation more than a year ago, an April 22 article of BBC News stated.

In the divorce papers they forwarded in Los Angeles on April 20, the 42-year-old multi-talented Hollywood actress cited “irreconcilable differences.” The estranged couple was married for 11 years and told the public of their separation in March 2014. In a blog post, Martin and Paltrow stated that they will live separately, although they will remain a family and maintain their children as their first priority. In the divorce papers, both parties requested shared custody of their two children, although other details were not released.

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Actor Jeremy Renner settled child custody with ex-wife

Former couple Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco recently settled on shared custody of their daughter after their divorce filing in December, Page Six stated on April 2.

In the child custody hearing that was settled in Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Michael Whitaker ordered the 44-year-old actor to pay $13,000 in monthly child support to Pacheco. Previously, both parties had brought up issues they had with the parenting of the other. As part of the custody agreement, Renner and Pacheco must construct a parenting plan with the help of a therapist, and they were warned against speaking poorly of the other in the presence of their daughter.

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