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Amanda Dufner filed to divorce PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner

Three-time PGA Tour winner Jason Christopher Dufner and wife Amanda Dufner are heading for divorce after three years of marriage, CBS Sports reported on March 31.

Amanda reportedly filed her divorce papers from the 38-year-old golfer on March 16. According to the documents, Amanda cited an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage,” also stating that they would no longer be able to live together. In the divorce settlement of their assets and property, Amanda is expected to pocket about $3 million, while her estranged husband will be allotted their houses.

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Hedge fund billionaire’s ex wife demands monthly support of $1 million

Citadel Founder and CEO Ken Griffin’s divorcing wife is demanding a monthly child support payment of $1 million to maintain the living standards of their children in Illinois, a March 4 article by the New York Post said.

According to the billionaire’s estranged spouse Anne Dias Griffin, Ken is earning a monthly net income of $68.5 million, or $2.2 million every day. Though Ken, 46, blasted Anne’s demand, she argued in her documents that Ken should continue to support the kind of living he established for his family because their children never lived the life of typical families in America. Dias’ child support demand is only 2 percent of Ken’s income, despite the Illinois state guidelines for child support being 32% of the income.

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Hamm’s former spouse rejected over $97 million divorce settlement

Oil magnate Harold Hamm’s former wife, Sue Ann Arnall, did not accept a divorce check totaling $975 million, as she plans to pursue a greater amount, PIX 11 on January 7 said.

In the appeal filed by Arnall, she claimed that the company’s success was a result of both of their work. Arnall, who is an attorney and economist, reportedly held an executive post in the oil company Continental Resources. Though the oil tycoon obliged to pay the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement in November, he is also pursuing an appeal because his company and its fortune was negatively affected by the recent drop in oil prices. The report revealed that Harold and Sue Ann did not have a prenuptial agreement before they got married 26 years ago.

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Harold Hamm’s wife rejects almost $1-B divorce settlement

Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of oil tycoon and Continental Resources Inc. CEO Harold Hamm, rejected the check for $975 million that her ex-husband wrote her as part of their divorce settlement agreement, CNN reported on January 7.

Hamm consented to pay Arnall the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement amount in November 2014. Arnall and Hamm were married for 26 years and are parents of two children. The former couple has no prenuptial agreement.

Arnall believes that she is entitled to more, as she held executive positions within the company and supported their endeavors throughout their marriage. Hamm himself filed an appeal to reduce the settlement money that he was required to pay Arnall, claiming that since oil has suffered a dramatic drop in prices, his company has taken the brunt of the damage. His company’s shares dropped, thereby minimizing his wealth.

Hamm’s legal counsel, Craig Box, said Hamm will proceed with his appeal even though he had already written the check for Arnall.

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Schwarzenegger’s divorce expected to settle in December

After three years, the divorce of Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and his news anchor wife Maria Shriver will come to an end this December, BreakingNews.ie reported on September 17.

Reports said the divorce petition filed by the 58-year-old NBC news anchor in 2011 was prolonged due to the huge wealth involved. The legal counsels of the estranged couple are now finalizing the details of their “amicable” agreement. Arnold, Maria, and their children will all take part of their $400 million wealth. Maria filed for divorce in 2011 after the 67-year-old former California Governor admitted to having an affair with Mildred Baena, their housekeeper, and that they had a son who is now a teenager.

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