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Female bread-winners call for alimony reform

More and more women, such as Florida jewelry store owner Tarie MacMillan, are beginning to get involved in lobbying efforts to get state legislators to make amendments to laws surrounding alimony. Some states have already made changes to the law, especially for marriages which lasted less than 20 years; however, most states, like Florida, still maintain the same antiquated rules.

Alimony is legally defined as the legal obligation of the higher-earning spouse to provide spousal support or maintenance to the lower-earning one after a divorce. Within the 40 years since the United States Supreme Court ruled that both genders are eligible for alimony payments, even though it is still heavily weighted toward men paying women, the law has been the subject of much controversy.

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Alimony and spousal support in North Carolina

In the case of a contested divorce in North Carolina, a court has the responsibility to decide if a spouse has the right to receive alimony or spousal support or not.

When people get married in North Carolina, as in any state, they are entering into a contract that is presumed to be mutually beneficial. So when both parties agree to terminate the contract, it follows that this is done bearing in mind fairness to both parties involved, without one party bearing the brunt of negative outcomes from the dissolution of the contract.

With this premise in mind, court judges may award alimony to a spouse who is deemed unable to afford the expenses that come with the daily necessities of living after a marriage is over.

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Military disability benefits topic of debate in alimony case

A 42-year-old military veteran has brought his case involving military benefits and alimony payments to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Air Force veteran is hoping that the court will outlaw the use of military disability benefits when determining alimony. The man was married for almost 20 years, and at the time of his divorce, he was earning military disability in the amount of $4,400 per month.

In 2010, a judge ruled that the man was responsible for paying his ex-spouse roughly $1,000 in spousal support. That number was calculated based on the inclusion of the veteran’s military benefits.

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Mena Suvari’s former spouse wants $17,000 in spousal support

Mena Suvari was married to her husband for approximately 18 months before they decided to end their marriage. Her former husband, Simone Sestito, is seeking $17,000 a month in spousal support in the divorce.

The American Beauty actress apparently earns $750,000 a year and lives an elegant lifestyle. Sestito claims that he needs  $3,000 alone every month in order to eat out as many times as he did when he was married to Suvari. He also reveals that he is in financial ruin, in both the personal and business aspects of his life, and therefore this large amount of support is justified for helping him stay afloat.

This is Suvari’s second marriage and divorce. She was married Robert Brinkmann for five years before divorcing in 2005. Her current divorce procedure is still in the early stages.

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