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Prosecutor Determines Domestic Violence as Cause for Kinston Woman’s Death

Wake County Prosecutors have recently stated that the murder of a local Kinston woman was a crime of domestic violence.

First-degree murder charges were filed against Grant Ruffin Hayes, 33, and his wife Amanda Perry Hayes, 40. The couple is accused of killing Grant Hayes’ ex-girlfriend 27-year-old Laura Jean Ackerson. Ackerson’s body was found in a Richmond, Texas creek on July, 24, 2011. Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens was told by an Assistant District Attorney that “Grant Hayes wanted to remove Ackerson from his life.”

Ackerson was the mother of Hayes’ two children.

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Charlotte woman files restraining order against husband for domestic violence

A Charlotte woman placed a domestic violence protective order against her 40-year-old husband after accusing him of threatening to kill her, hit her, and rape her in an elementary school on Monday.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 40 to 45 percent of abusive relationships include sexual assault or forced sex. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have said that the suspect tied up the woman and raped her, and this was not the first domestic disturbance that was reported by this couple.

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InterAct holds vigil for victims of domestic violence

On Tuesday evening last week, InterAct held a candlelit vigil for victims of domestic violence.  InterAct is an organization that encourages women to speak out and ask for help if they are a victim of domestic violence.

Olalah Njenga was one of the speakers at the vigil.  “At the time, I was eight months pregnant, and I was married to a violent alcoholic,” Njenga stated.

InterAct has recently lost three women from domestic violence, and in North Carolina alone, 59 people have died this year from domestic violence.

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Domestic violence study shows why victims recant

A study looking at why victims of domestic violence recant says that the most common reason that victims drop charges against abusers is that the abuser appealed to the victim’s sympathy.  Most often, abusers said they were depressed or missed the victim and their children.

The study analyzed recorded conversations between 17 pairs of male abusers and female victims at a detention facility in Washington state.  All of the female victims later dropped charges against their abuser.

According to the lead author of the study, “The existing belief is that victims recant because the perpetrator threatens her with more violence.  But our results suggest something very different.  Perpetrators are not threatening the victim, but are using more sophisticated emotional appeals designed to minimize their actions and gain the sympathy of the victim.”

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