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Man named in 15 paternity cases already owes child support for 14 children

A Nebraska man could possibly have 29 children if he is proven to be the father in 15 pending paternity cases brought against him by nine different women. The Lincoln man, 49, is already father to 14 children.

It may be difficult for the man to financially support any additional children because he is already behind in child support payments by $80,000 for his current children. The man has been behind on his child support payments since 1984 and was recently arrested for his actions.

A judge in his case ordered him to begin paying off his child support debt, or he will face jail time. He was told he had to pay $500 a month in child support and $800 in back support starting December 1 in order to avoid spending time behind bars.

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Community service sentence for Dennis Rodman

Last week in an Orange County courtroom, Dennis Rodman was sentenced to community service and informal probation for his failure to keep up with spousal and child support payments.

Rodman was found to be in contempt after he was unable to pay the $860,376 that he owed to his former wife. The 51-year-old, who spent 14 years playing in the NBA, will now have to complete 104 hours of community service and spend three years on informal probation.

The court also enforced the child support payments, and Dennis was ordered to pay current and past child support to his ex-wife. Rodman will appear in court again on June 22 to discuss any additional disputes surrounding his child support situation.

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Usher may lose custody of his children

Last month in a Georgia courtroom, Usher Raymond’s ex-wife asked a judge for full custody of their two small children. Up until this point, Usher and Tameka shared joint custody of their sons, 4-year-old Usher V and 3-year-old Naviyd.

Tameka has made several allegations against Usher, claiming that he is an unfit parent and that he has not paid her child support for several months. She also asked the court to drug test Usher after believing he was abusing pills in front of their sons.

Usher told the court that the allegations hold no merit and that he is interested in obtaining more time with his children. The judge in their case has ordered them to attend private mediation sessions in order to develop a temporary child custody arrangement.

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According to ex-wife, Dennis Rodman behind on child support

Dennis Rodman could spend up to 20 days in an Orange County jail if he does not have his contempt of court verdict reversed. Last November, his ex-wife filed a lawsuit against the former pro basketball player, claiming that he owed her roughly $860,000 in unpaid child support and spousal support.

Rodman’s lawyers have said that this amount is extremely too high, and that Rodman is currently paying his monthly support to the best of his ability. He has three children that he supports this way, and does not make as high of an income as when he was playing in the NBA.

In 2010, Rodman was ordered to pay $50,000 a month in child support, but that amount was largely reduced to $4,500. According to Rodman’s attorney, the contempt of court charge was based on the $50,000 monthly installment, and therefore is not accurate. The hearing for the contempt of court charge was delayed until May 29.

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand split

Singer Katy Perry and actor/comedian Russell Brand have called it quits when Brand filed for divorce on Dec 30.

Fans were shocked when the couple decided to split after just 14 months.  According to Forbes magazine, Perry made $45 million during their marriage and Brand has claimed that there was no prenuptial agreement signed, which means Brand is entitled to half of that money.  Brand’s salary during their marriage was somewhere between $6-8 million.

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Linda Evangelista seeks $46,000 in monthly child support

This Monday, model Linda Evangelista requested $46,000 in monthly child support from her ex-husband in Manhattan Family Court.  Support Magistrate Matthew Troy said, “That would probably be the largest support order in the history of Family Court.”

In addition to the monthly child support, Evangelista requested $80,000 a year for 24-hour nanny care for her 4-year old son, Augustin James.  Augustin’s father is Francois-Henri Pinault — CEO of the French conglomerate which owns Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Yves St. Laurent.

The model also sought $7,500 for monthly vacation expenses for her and Augustin but the judge quickly turned this down.  According to court documents, the model requested the high amount of child support to cover nannies, drivers, and security details.

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