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‘Pregnant man’ files for divorce from wife of 9 years

Thomas Beatie, regarded as the ‘pregnant man’ by the media, has filed for divorce from his wife after nine years of marriage. He has made claims indicating that his wife was physically abusive towards him and was also mentally abusive to him at times.

Beatie gained national attention after he announced to the world that he was pregnant with his first child. He had made the transition from a female to a male but left his female reproductive organs in place in order to start a family with his wife, who was unable to have children.

The couple have three children together, two young boys and one little girl. Beatie’s claims persuaded a judge to issue a restraining order against his future ex-wife, and he was able to receive full temporary custody of the children. His former wife will be able to see the children each week for six hours as long as she is supervised.

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Usher may lose custody of his children

Last month in a Georgia courtroom, Usher Raymond’s ex-wife asked a judge for full custody of their two small children. Up until this point, Usher and Tameka shared joint custody of their sons, 4-year-old Usher V and 3-year-old Naviyd.

Tameka has made several allegations against Usher, claiming that he is an unfit parent and that he has not paid her child support for several months. She also asked the court to drug test Usher after believing he was abusing pills in front of their sons.

Usher told the court that the allegations hold no merit and that he is interested in obtaining more time with his children. The judge in their case has ordered them to attend private mediation sessions in order to develop a temporary child custody arrangement.

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Parents who smoke could lose custody of their children

Action on Smoking and Health, an advocacy group that is against tobacco use, recently gathered data related to child custody cases and smoking. Their findings indicate that several United States courts are beginning to put a large emphasis on smoking around minor children.

Non-smoking parents are being awarded custody on a more regular basis. These parents are also using evidence in court that their former spouse is a smoker in order to obtain these custody outcomes. Smokers are not granted full custody due, in part, to the negative side effects of their harmful habits.

Numerous court rulings showcase these beliefs on tobacco use among parents of minor children. A man in Georgia took his ex-wife to court over the custody of their young daughter. He presented evidence showing that their daughter developed asthma, and his ex-wife, a smoker, continued to smoke cigarettes in her presence. The judge in the case awarded full custody to the father.

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Duke’s final home wrestling match of the regular season

Raleigh divorce attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC are excited to announce the final home match for the Duke Blue Devil wrestling team on Friday.

At 6:30pm on Friday, the Blue Devils will compete against NC State and Ohio University for its last home match of the regular season.  The start of the meet will take place on mat two against NC State at 6:30pm, and the second portion will take place on mat one against Ohio at 7:15pm.

Seniors Nick Adamo, Dan Adamo, Nico Cortese, Dak Adamson, A.J. Guardardo, and Chris Mullen will be recognized before the match begins.

For more information, visit www.goduke.com

Klum and Seal separate

Singer Seal and his supermodel wife, Heidi Klum, have announced their separation.

Much to the surprise of their friends and to the public, Heidi Klum and Seal have separated after seven years of marriage.  Seal visited the “Ellen DeGeneres” and “Tavis Smiley” shows over the past few days to promote his new album, Soul 2, and made statements about the couple’s split.  Seal said, “She is still, in my opinion, the most wonderful woman in the world…I think our priority was to remain civil and do this thing with dignity. We still very much love each other.”

It is clear that this will not be an ugly Hollywood divorce.  The couple has four children, and though Seal has made statements about the situation, there is not a clear reason for the split.

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Duke vs. Virginia swimming and diving meet this Friday

Raleigh divorce attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC are excited to announce Duke University’s first Atlantic Coast Conference swim meet against Virginia this Friday.

At 5pm at the Taishoff Aquatic Pavilion, Duke’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams will host Virginia.  Last weekend, Duke competed against Queens and South Carolina.  Three of four relay events were won by the Blue Devils.

Jessica Lyden of the Duke diving team placed second in the 1-meter and 3-meter events. Head coach Dan Colella said, “We’re excited about being home for the first time this season and swimming the Cavaliers.”

There aren’t tickets for the meet and the public is welcome to attend.  For more information, visit www.goduke.com

Single-dad wins in family court show acceptance of new families

A greater number of single-dad wins in family court hearings shows a growing acceptance of new families.  Furthermore, statistics show that in the past 10 years, the number of families led by single fathers has increased by 27.3 percent.

8 percent of American families with children include a single father.  In 1950, 1.1 percent of American families with children included a single dad.  Single mothers head 7.2 percent of all American families, including families without children.  Of all American families, single fathers lead 2.4 percent.

A family law professor at the University of Notre Dame says, “If the dad is really interested in getting custody and wants to have a relationship with his kids, he is far more successful than he was 20 years ago.”

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Mother denied custody because of cancer diagnosis

A North Carolina divorce and child custody case has gained significant attention from the media and internet users after a judge denied custody of two children to their mother because she had cancer.

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition online titled “Do not allow NC Judge to take Alaina Giordano’s children because she has cancer.”  There has also been a debate between lawyers on the American Bar Association’s website.

Currently, Giordano’s two children (11 and 6-years old) live with her in Durham.  However, according to the judge’s ruling, the kids must move to Chicago to live with their father.

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