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Tougher punishment for domestic violence urged in NC

A bill was recently proposed in North Carolina to impose harsher punishment for suspects of domestic violence, Time Warner Cable News reported on June 2.

In a statement, Briand Francis of Mecklenburg County stressed the need for stricter punishment against abusive parties. Francis also asserted that the consequences of a domestic violence situation are enhanced when a child is witness to or involved in the abuse. Since last January, a recorded 17 people died of domestic violence in North Carolina, according to a report done by an advocacy group against domestic violence.

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Marine and wife on trial for child abuse of 5 children

Last month, a U.S. Marine and his wife living at Camp Lejuene went to court concerning the suspected child abuse and neglect of 5 children.  The children, ranging in age from 18-months to 6-years old, were from both parents’ previous marriages.

The woman’s ex-husband and the biological father of 3 of the children first reported suspected abuse to Onslow County officers after receiving a call from his ex-wife.  He told officials that in the background of the phone call he could hear one of his children crying in the background.  The child told him that his Marine stepfather had restrained him and duct taped his mouth shut.

The children were removed from the home and held in foster care after the parents’ arrest.  Investigators found the children were extremely malnourished from food deprivation.  In addition, reports indicate that the 5 children were not bathed frequently enough, causing them to develop sores.

The father says he hopes to gain custody of his 3 children.  Reports do not indicate if the other 2 children could return to the custody of their biological mother.

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