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Woman admits to molesting Filipino boy she wanted to adopt

43-year-old Wilmington, North Carolina resident Christy Lynn Jaski was sentenced on Tuesday, August 9 to three years of probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender for the next 30 years. The sentencing comes after Jaski made a guilty plea to three counts of misdemeanor sexual battery in relation to allegedly abusing a teenage boy she was adopting from the Philippines.

Jaski’s family includes four daughters, two of whom are adopted from China, a report from StarNews of Wilmington showed. The report did not specify if Jaski will be allowed to make contact with her own children. Prosecutor Lance Oehrlein said in an interview with The Associated Press that the incident occurred sometime between December 2014 and January 2015. The abused boy was 13 at the time of the incident. Jaski was arrested last year.

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Woman files lawsuit against ex-husband and financing companies

Opal Rilla Lively Morgan filed a lawsuit on Thursday, July 21 in Raleigh Circuit Court against financial companies Primerica Financial Services Inc. and Princor Financial Services Corp. and her ex-husband Mark Robert Lively. She is alleging that they failed to effectuate equitable distribution.

Morgan said the defendants failed to observe compliance to a document that was listed as the second amended supplemental final divorce decree. She claims this negligence caused her to incur significant loss of funds and damages for loss of use and possession of retirement funds.

The defendants’ failure to comply with the second amended supplemental final divorce decree also made it impossible for Morgan to transfer the remaining accounts of the retirement funds into her private account. She added that Lively removed some of the funds from the retirement assets as well.

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North Carolina’s foster care system found lacking

In both governmental and private audits, North Carolina’s system intended to shelter and protect vulnerable children has been found seriously lacking.

A months-long review by the federal Children’s Bureau showed that North Carolina’s foster care system failed to meet standards in any of the seven outcome metrics, including children being protected from abuse or neglect. In a separate audit conducted by the Public Consulting Group, North Carolina’s foster care system was found to be lacking in adequate funding, proper training of child social workers, and adequate state authority to address problems at the social level. They also have an increased number of caseloads per worker and have high staff turnover. At a meeting of the House Committee on Children, Youth, and Families on Thursday, June 9, Department of Health and Human Services’ Kevin Kelly said the state has to craft a program-improvement plan in order to keep receiving federal financial assistance.

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Some misconcenptions that may prevent people from adopting

August was a positive month for foster care in North Carolina legislature, with multiple legislative proposals aiming to promote and strengthen children in foster care and their foster families. While this is a good development, it should be a priority to find permanent homes for the over 2,000 children in the North Carolina foster care system.

For some people who say they would possibly adopt a child, there are misconceptions that may make them decide against the choice.

Some prospective parents believe that only young, married couples can adopt children. This is not true, in fact, one in four adopted children live with a parent who is 55 years old or older, and around 28% of children live in single-parent homes. Having children prior to the adoption is also not a considering factor for adoption approval.

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Twitter usage correlated with relationship problems

According to a recent study, couples who frequently use twitter are more likely to engage in infidelity and break up with or divorce their partners, the University Herald reported on July 3.

Research conducted by Russell Clayton, a University of Missouri School of Journalism doctoral student, showed that Twitter-related conflict among couples is a problem, regardless of how long they have been together. Conflict related to Facebook, however, reduces significantly after 36 months of a couple being together. Twitter users were found to be more likely to cheat on or argue with their partner.

The study focused on 581 Twitter users of varying ages. Clayton asked how much time a particular user spent tweeting, browsing his or her feed, sending private messages to people, and replying to others on the social media site. He then compared this data to the health of that person’s relationship.

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Jenelle Evans’ divorce to finalize

The star of MTV’s reality television show Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans, hopes to be officially single again before her baby is born, The Christian Post reported on May 23.

Evans’ soon-to-be-ex husband, Courtland Rogers, was served with divorce papers on May 2, and the estranged couple has a court date set for June 2. This is where the date for a court hearing will be set, and the divorce proceedings can begin. The meeting will occur only two weeks before Evans’s second child is due. The father will be her boyfriend Nathan Griffith, whom Evans began dating not long after separating from Rogers in April 2013.

Evans and Griffith are looking forward to the birth of their baby boy in late June, and they plan to marry sometime after the birth and Evans’ divorce is finalized.

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David Guetta and long time partner file for divorce

After being together for more than two decades, D.J. David Guetta and his wife Cathy recently filed for divorce in Paris.

The reason for filing has not been disclosed to the public at this time. The couple was married in 1992 and collaborated on numerous musical and business projects. They have two children.

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Recession hurt one-third of American marriages

The “Survey of Marital Generosity” conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia found that 29 percent of married Americans felt their marriage was hurt by the financial stress they felt during the economic recession of 2007-2009. The survey polled 1,197 married Americans between the ages of 18 and 45-years old.

The study also considered factors like college education and financial setbacks. Of study participants who reported suffering from two or more financial setbacks, 20 percent said that they were at a high risk of divorce. Only 7 percent said that their relationship was not negatively affected by the economy.

In addition, 12 percent of the one-third of participants whose marriages were hurt by the recession said that they were either facing foreclosure or struggling to make mortgage payments.

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