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Robin Williams’ widow, children settle estate battle

The widow of famed actor and comedian Robin Williams, Susan Schneider, and his three children from previous marriages, Cody Alan, Zelda, and Zachary, have finally reached a settlement in their dispute over the division of the late actor’s estate.

Schneider’s legal counsel, James Wagstaffe, said Schneider will remain in the San Francisco Bay Area home in California that she shared with Williams, and will continue receiving living expenses in order to maintain the house. Wagstaffe declined to provide any other specific details of the out-of-court settlement.

Representatives have stated that both parties were satisfied with the terms of the agreement, which now has to be approved in court for official purposes.

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Robin Williams’ wife, kids fight over late actor’s estate

The widow of American actor and comedian Robin Williams, Susan Schneider, and his three children Zak, Zelda, and Cody have been embroiled in a bitter fight over the contents of his estate, documents filed in San Francisco Superior Court in December 2014 showed.

The children are claiming that Susan Williams is trying to change the late actor’s will, entertainment news network TMZ reported.

Williams willed his personal belongings to his children, including the Oscar he won for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Good Will Hunting in 1998, movie memorabilia, action figures, graphic novels, among others items.

The children stated that Susan Williams trying to re-define the trust agreement by “adding insult to a terrible injury,” and preventing them from receiving items intended for them.

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B.J. Kilgore to Hold Estate Planning Seminar

Attorney B.J. Kilgore, of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, will hold an estate planning seminar on Wednesday, May 29th. The event, titled “Basics of Estate Planning,” will cover a range of topics, including what an estate is, how estate planning can benefit individuals, what can happen if an individual does not have an estate plan, and the legal tools available to craft a successful estate plan.

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