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Harnett County takes a stand against domestic violence

In an address made by the Harnett County Clerk of Court Martha Johnson, she revealed that SAFE catered to 906 crisis calls in the year 2015, a 13% increase from 2014. Johnson made the speech to attendees of the benefit concert and candlelight vigil for Lillington, North Carolina-based domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy group SAFE of Harnett County.

Also in 2015, SAFE personally helped 424 individuals, 90% of whom were women between the ages of 26 and 60. Around 45 adults and 39 children were rescued and taken to safe houses by the organization, marking a 21% increase from the year before. Families stayed an average of six weeks in SAFE’s safe houses.

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New study shows many California parents experienced abuse as children

One in five adults in the state of California who are living with children at their homes were beaten, kicked, or subjected to other forms of physical maltreatment as children. Additionally, one in ten were subjected to some form of sexual abuse, according to data released by the Central California Children’s Institute at California State University, Fresno.

Central California Children’s Institute director Cassandra Joubert said the number reported is likely the low end of the spectrum. As she put it, “I think these kinds of events within families are hush-hush, swept under the rug, not really talked about.” Joubert said singling out parents who were victims of sexual and physical abuse is essential to ending the cycle of violence because mistreated children have a tendency to be abusive towards their children as adults.

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North Carolina mother taken into custody for child abuse

According to a report by local news station WJZY, 27-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina resident Paulette Gibson has recently been arrested for child abuse for the second time this year after authorities accused her of using a belt to whip her 10-year-old daughter in the face and back, resulting in the child sustaining various injuries from the blows.

Police authorities said the beating took place at the home of Gibson’s relative sometime in August 2015. Gibson has since been charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

Records showed that Gibson had a prior charge of felony child abuse causing serious bodily injury in August 2014.

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Detecting emotional abuse

In some situations, married people may decide to file for divorce from their spouse after realizing that their emotions are being abused. Though no physical wounds may be inflicted, victims of emotional abuse suffer considerably from their partners. Below are the following signs that your emotions are being abused by your partner:

  • Emotional blackmail
  • Your partner continuously denies their mistakes
  • You are not getting proper responses
  • Turmoil in your relationship is constant
  • You are getting frequent criticism, being accused of wrong doing, or being blamed
  • You feel you are being dominated by your partner

People who experience any of the following signs of emotional abuse should understand that they do not deserve such abusive actions from their partners and therefore should consider taking legal action to put an end to such abuse.

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UFC heavyweight fighter suspected of assaulting ex-fiance

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Travis Browne is suspected of physically assaulting his former fiancé, according to Fox Sports on July 9.

Reports revealed a photo collage posted on Instagram that showed fitness model Jenna Renee Webb with some bruises on her face, upper arm, and knee. The Instagram account used reportedly is owned by Webb under the name “JennaReneeFit.” In a UFC 189 press conference, the company stated that they have been notified of the Instagram post, and they believe that any form of domestic violence is a violation of their conduct policy. The Hawaiian heavy weight fighter was prevented from joining a competition in Las Vegas while UFC is investigating the allegations against him.

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N.C. man charged for multiple domestic violence incidents

A resident of Cary in North Carolina was recently charged after he was suspected of assaulting his former girlfriend, WRAL.com reported on June 14.

The incident happened at a market in Hudson on June 10. Reports said Isle of Palms Police filed several charges against 39-year-old Robert Howell after his ex-girlfriend Autumn Yee, who was apparently being held hostage, discreetly told a clerk to call police. Yee, who was trying to get away from Howell, reportedly sustained some scratches. A day following the incident, Howell’s former wife Sarah asked the court for a protective order for her and her children. Captain Randall Rhyne stated that they take “domestic violence very seriously” in Cary.

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NFL player facing domestic violence charge in California

Charges of child endangerment and misdemeanor domestic violence were filed against football player Ray McDonald on May 25 after he was arrested in San Jose, California, ABC News reported.

Reports coming from police said McDonald, 30, was accused of attacking a woman at a Santa Clara apartment. The alleged victim was carrying a baby when she was assaulted. McDonald reportedly left the apartment and at 7:00 a.m., Santa Clara officers arrested him at a teammates’ home in San Jose. McDonald, who has been accused of domestic violence several times, was expected to be booked at a county jail in Santa Clara.

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Domestic violence against women increasing on the internet

Experts  say that an increasing number of women around the world are being abused by their partners through social media sites and elsewhere on the internet, an article on Reuters stated March 11.

According to reports, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are being used by domestic violence offenders to harass and stalk their partners. A 2014 survey showed that about 50% of younger American women have reported being threatened, bullied, or harassed online. 72% of respondents said they knew their abuser. However, experts point out that, while domestic abuse has found an additional home online, resources, information, and support groups are also accessible to women online to combat the abuse.

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Grant given to domestic violence shelter in Yadkin County

The Sparrow’s House of Yadkin in Yadkin County, North Carolina, a local emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children, has received a $40,000 grant from The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, TWC News reported on February 15.

The Sparrow’s House opened November 2014 and currently receives no state or federal funding due to its recent establishment. Sparrow’s House executive director Jennifer Bowman explained that the shelter is not yet eligible for government funding; it must have been open for a year and provided crisis hotline services during that time.

Z. Smith Reynolds program operator James Gore, for his part, said the foundation caters to providing monetary support to shelters of domestic violence in North Carolina, and the shelter is needed in that area of the state.

The shelter spends around $13,000 each month for its operation expenses, and grants like this keep it functioning.

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Carolina Panthers’ Gregory Hardy faces trial for domestic violence

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office in North Carolina has reported that Carolina Panthers’ defensive end Gregory Hardy will be appearing in appeals court soon for his domestic violence charge, according to wncn.com.

Hardy was sentenced to 18 months probation last July. He allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her on multiple occasions; the accuser cited this as the reason that she waited to go to authorities. A witness on the night of the incident in question says that she heard a woman being slammed against a wall and dragged across the floor. Hardy has now filed for an appeal and is expected in court February 9th.

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