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What’s New in the Brangelina Divorce and Child Custody Dispute?

Forty-one-year-old actress Angelina Jolie and 52-year-old actor and producer Brad Pitt are divorcing. Here is a rundown of some of the events that happened leading up to this difficult time.

Entertainment Tonight confirmed that Jolie and Pitt are most likely not communicating directly during the divorce process. Any agreements or deals that the ex-couple may have undergone were brokered through their attorneys.

Also, reports that Jolie’s brother, 43-year-old actor and producer James Haven, is the main caretaker of the children these days may be inaccurate. It is true that Jolie’s friends and family members are pitching in and doing their part to take care of the children. They are visiting and¬†accompanying them for short periods of time, but the report that Haven is taking care of them 24/7¬†seems untrue. It has yet to be confirmed if Pitt has already visited his children since Jolie and Pitt both agreed to a temporary custody deal until Thursday, October 20, until which time the children were required to remain with Jolie.

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