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Does a post-separation, pre-divorce relationship constitute adultery?

Christopher and Danielle Ross were divorcing – she filed on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, which is a code for no-fault divorce, while Christopher counter-filed on the grounds of alleged adultery. During the course of their divorce proceedings, Christopher started seeing another woman.

The question that is now being posed: can his post-separation affair be considered as adultery?

The New Hampshire Supreme Court seemed to think so, ruling that Christopher’s adultery had the effect of barring him from reeving a divorce on the grounds of her adultery (provided that it he could prove it even happened).

This is because divorce is a recourse given to an innocent spouse when the other has made a breach of the marriage contract such as adultery, abandonment, neglect, commission of a felony, and cruelty. In the past, more conservative states did not offer many grounds for divorce, while more lenient states allow more reasons to file a divorce.

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