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More than 10,000 children in North Carolina are in foster care

Statistics from the Jordan Institute for Families at the University of North Carolina showed that around 10,300 children are currently circulating in the foster care system in the state of North Carolina.

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina senior director of advocacy and development Matt Anderson said each child should have a home, noting, “We really believe one child without a permanent family is one too many.”

Anderson said that the current number marked a 25% increase from a five-year low in 2011, noting, “These are trends that are moving in the wrong direction, obviously.”

According to Anderson, a child who does not belong to a permanent family has increased chances of growing up homeless, jobless, and becoming a criminal. He stressed that “all children need a safe, permanent and loving family both now, as they’re growing up, and into adulthood. Children do best when they grow up in the context of a family. And right now, far too many children are to having that opportunity and when children age out of foster care, without a family, their opportunities and outcomes are not very good.”

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