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Steven Cohen wins divorce battle with ex-wife

Fifty-nine-year-old American billionaire and founder of Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund firm S.A.C. Capital Advisors Steven Cohen has won the seven-year lawsuit lodged against him by his ex-wife, Patricia Cohen. Patricia claimed that Cohen successfully withheld millions of dollars from her in their 1990 divorce, but District Judge Loretta Preska has dismissed the complaint for a third time.

Patricia Cohen claimed in a 2009 lawsuit that Steven Cohen cheated her of the money that should have been hers by hiding $5.5 million, which was obtained from a New York City real estate transaction, by saying that the money had already been spent. Preska ruled that Patricia Cohen’s claims were not supported by sufficient evidence to proclaim her ex-husband’s guilt. Patricia Cohen said that despite this setback, she will likely file another appeal.

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