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Raleigh among cities with rising divorce rates

The city of Raleigh in North Carolina has made it to the list of the 25 Cities Where Divorce is On the Rise, according to data compiled from genealogical information gathered by MooseRoots.com from the National Historic Geographic Information System and the United States Census Bureau.

In 2010, 9.76% of Raleigh’s population was comprised of divorced individuals. This marks a significant increase since 1970 when the divorced population of the city was just 3.23%. These statistics bring Raleigh to rest at the number 10 spot on the list of 25 cities.

Two other North Carolina cities – Greensboro and Charlotte – were also included in the list. Charlotte had a divorced population that accounted for 10.18% in 2010, up from 3.28% forty years prior. This brings Charlotte up to the ninth position on the list. Greensboro’s divorced population rose from 3.02% in 1970 to as high as 10.83% in 2010, ranking it fourth on the top 25 list of cities.

The population threshold needed for an area to be included in the list was 250,000 people in the year 2010.

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