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Marriage between the age of 28 and 32 lessens the chance of divorce

A new study conducted by University of Utah sociologist Nick Wolfinger and published by the Institute of Family Studies found that couples that get married between the ages of 28 and 32 are the least likely to divorce.

Data from the 2006-2010 and the 2011-2013 National Survey of Family Growth show that “the odds of divorce decline as you age from your teenage years through your late twenties and early thirties” while “the chances of divorce go up again as you move up into your late thirties and early forties”, Wolfinger said.

Some theories for this “Goldilocks Age of Marriage” are that people at this age are mature enough to care for themselves and to distinguish between truly getting along with a potential lifetime partner as opposed to being “blinded by hormones”. On the other side of things, they are not as set in their ways as older individuals, nor do they have ex-spouses or children as often to split their time with, and consequently the transition into marriage may be easier for this demographic.

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